2021-22 RRIS Counselors







Nicole Asor







Nicole, 24, from Holon, is entering her third year in RRIS’s Entrepreneurship and Business program. In the IDF, Nicole served in a classified unit in the Intelligence Force. After her service, she spent the summer as a counselor in a summer camp called “Camp Chi,” as part of a Jewish Agency delegation. She chose to study at Reichman University because of the wide variety of programs it offers, as well as the opportunity it offers to meet some of the best people! Along with being a counselor at the RRIS last year, she took part in the StandWithUs fellowship program for Public Diplomacy and Leadership. Nicole is the counselors’ coordinator for the following programs: Business Administration; Entrepreneurship & Business Administration; and Business Administration & Economics. She hopes to always be there for the students, and to help in any way that she can!






Daria Silvera







Daria, 24, from Hod Hasharon, is going into her third and final year of Psychology. In the army, she served in a classified position in an Intelligence Unit, and was a commander in the Training Department. She also took part in a Jewish Agency delegation to a summer camp called "Camp Coleman" in Georgia. Last year, Daria had a wonderful experience as an RRIS counselor, and is very excited for the year ahead, when she’ll be the counselor's coordinator. Daria originally decided to become an RRIS counselor because she loves bonding with new people, helping them adapt to Israeli culture, and getting to know people from all over the world. She chose to study at Reichman University because of all the opportunities it offers, the high level of studies, and the great people. She is looking forward to an incredible year!




Ariel Shelowitz 








Ariel, 24, grew up in New York and made Aliyah at age 14. Ariel served in the IDF for four years as a Communications Officer.  Today, she is starting her third year in Reichman University’s Law and Government track. Ariel likes to travel, volunteer, and spend time with friends and family. She chose to study at IDC because if offers both a high level of academic studies, as well as many opportunities that enrich student life, such as clubs, programs, and social events. Ariel was an RRIS counselor last year, so that she could help new students get accustomed to life in Israel. This year, she is serving as the Coordinator for various programs: Computer Science, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship, Government, Government & Sustainability, and Study Abroad. Ariel fell in love with Israel and hopes that new students will feel the same way!








Or Rotlevy






Or, 21, was born in Israel and moved to Boston at the age of 11. When she was 18, Or returned to Israel and made Aliyah through Garin Tzabar, and served as an Infantry Instructor in the IDF. Or currently resides in Emek Hefer and studies Business Administration at RRIS. She chose to study at Reichman University because of its high standard of education, the opportunities it provides, and the interesting people who study there. She decided to become an RRIS counselor because she loves connecting with new people.







Noam Roseman






Noam Roseman, 24, was born and raised in Jerusalem. Noam will be entering his second year as a Business Administration student at the RRIS. This after serving in the IDF Paratroopers’ Brigade until 2018, which he completed with the rank of First Sergeant. Noam loves traveling, gaining new experiences, and visiting friends and family in Italy and the United States. After the army he traveled to the U.S., to be a counselor at Tevya summer camp in Massachusetts, which was an amazing and important life experience for him. Noam is looking forward to meeting the incoming students and helping them get the best out of their meaningful and awesome experience as RRIS students, and hopefully, create new friendships for life.  




Kylie Shani







Kylie, 23, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is starting her third year as an Economics student, in the (Hebrew only) Accounting program. Before beginning her studies, Kylie served as a Basic Training commander in the IDF, and then traveled to South America. She chose to study at Reichman University because she loves all the opportunities it offers, and it's considered one of the best places in Israel to study Accountancy. She decided to become an RRIS counselor because she herself had an amazing experience at the RRIS Introduction Week, and she’d like to make it amazing for others as well. Kylie loves helping and meeting new people, and in her free time, enjoys Pilates and running. 









Avital Kozlovich






Avital, 23, is a second-year student in the Economics and Business double major program. She was born in Israel and raised in Jerusalem. During middle school, Avital lived in Kyiv and studied in an American International School. This experience gave her an opportunity to discover different cultures and make friends from all around the world. In the army, she served in a top Intelligence Unit for nearly three years. After her service and before starting Reichman University, Avital worked at a real estate agency and traveled the world with her friends. She is very happy with her decision to study at Reichman University, which she believes offers its students the best opportunities to explore professional and social skills. Avital decided to become an RRIS counselor because she knows what it's like to move to a brand new place and wants to help others through that experience.





Maor Ben Baruch 






Maor, 25, was born and raised in Beit Shean, Israel. He is studying Economics and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, which allows him to use the experience he gained while working at a business intelligence company – a job that often sent him to Asia. Maor used to play professional soccer until he joined the army, where he served in the 8200 Intelligence Unit. 









Shiri Cohen







Shiri, 22, was born in Australia, grew up in Dallas, Texas, and made Aliyah at the age of 13. Throughout her childhood in Texas and in Israel, Shiri took part in the Israeli Scouts, eventually becoming a Scouts counselor. She was greatly involved in activities and trips and believes that the Scouts provided her with an amazing opportunity to gain leadership skills and to connect to the Israeli culture. Shiri served in the IDF for two years, as an Observer in the West Bank. She is now beginning her second year at the RRIS Communication school. Shiri enjoys traveling, volunteering, and exploring new opportunities. She decided to study at Reichman University because, aside from the high level of academic studies, it offers many incredible opportunities for students and graduates. Last year, Shiri volunteered to be on the milab marketing team, and for the nonprofit organization, Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA). Shiri decided to become an RRIS counselor because she knows what it’s like to make a drastic move to a brand new place and wants to help new students through the experience. 






Daniel Rivlin






Daniel, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and is studying Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, is very excited to be an RRIS counselor. Daniel moved to Israel after spending his gap year in Jerusalem, when he fell in love with the country. He was drafted into the IDF, where he first served as a tank driver in the Armored Corp. in the south. Unfortunately, he was injured, so was transferred to the center, where he was a Simulator Shooting Instructor. While they were very different jobs, both offered him great opportunities, and were extremely rewarding. Daniel chose to study at Reichman University because he loves learning, especially about new cultures, and loves the opportunity the RRIS has provided to meet people from various cultures all over the world. Daniel loves cooking and has almost mastered the art of making dumplings. He’s excited to get to know the incoming students and is ready to help them integrate not only into the university, but also into the “always exciting, never frustrating, always entertaining, Israel.”


 Shay Catarivas

Shay, 26, who grew up in Herzliya, is in his third year of the Psychology and Business double major program, and his second year in the counselor's program. Shay was born and raised in Israel, but lived in France and Sicily for about two years after his military service, during which he served in the IDF’s Counter-Terrorism Unit. Living abroad taught him the importance of having a strong social circle, and he knows that when integrating into a new country, knowing a few locals can be pretty useful. His experiences in other countries, including meeting people from different cultures, left him with unique memories and friendships that he holds dear to this day. Shay is also a former Sea Scout and an Israeli National Judo champion. Today, he works as an instructor in both sports, and volunteers with children with special needs in Herzliya. 





Dana Razin






Dana, 25, from Savion, is entering her second year as a Law and Psychology double major. After high school, Dana served as an emissary (shlicha) for the Jewish Agency in The Netherlands, before returning to Israel to do her military service. In the IDF, she served as a “Mashakit Tash” in the Paratrooper's Unit, where she was responsible for the economic and social well-being of the soldiers. Before beginning her studies at Reichman University, Dana traveled throughout southeast Asia, and gained a newfound love for traveling and meeting people from different cultures. She chose to study at Reichman University because of all its various programs which will give her the most professional and advanced tools she can get before starting her career. This year, aside from taking part in the counselor’s program, she plans to get involved in the legal clinic for people with disabilities. She’s really looking forward to meeting all the new RRIS students! 





Michal Simhony






Michal, 26, from Zichron Yaakov, Israel, is starting her third year in the Government, Diplomacy and Strategy school. Michal began her studies after her military service, during which she served as a sports instructor at Bahad 1, for officers. She then spent a summer in the U.S. as a camp counselor and worked in Israel for two Argentinian Taglit-Birthright groups. Michal loves to spend time with family and friends, dance, and read. She really loves Israel, and hopes that everyone who comes here, especially incoming RRIS students, have extremely positive experiences.  





Leeav Yanco






Leeav, 24, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. When she was 19, she made Aliyah to Israel to serve in the IDF as a lone soldier. During her two-year service, she was a shooting instructor for recruits, commanders, and officers in the Artillery Corps. After the army, Leeav traveled to Asia, before beginning her studies at Reichman University. She is now beginning her second year as a Communications student at the RRIS, where she is enjoying learning in English while living in Israel. She is excited to be a counselor for first year RRIS Communications students, and to help them in any way she can, because she knows how it feels to move to a foreign country!







Tal Dror






Tal, 26, was born in Tel Aviv, grew up in northern Israel, and currently lives in Herzliya. She’s starting her second year as a Government and Diplomacy student. After her army service, where she served as an Education Guide, Tal traveled to South America and Africa. She also worked for four years for the Jewish Agency for Israel, as a summer camp counselor and a community emissary (shlicha) in the U.S. Upon her return to Israel, Tal worked with the Reform Judaism movement in Israeli schools, to strengthen the bond between Israeli and Jewish American children. She decided to enroll at Reichman University because of the amazing programs and clubs it offers. During her first year, she joined the “Shagi” club, which gives students the chance to discuss challenges that Israeli society faces with Orthodox young adults. Although nearly her entire first year was on Zoom, her experience at Reichman University has been amazing and inclusive. She decided to become an RRIS counselor so that she can help make other students’ first experiences at Reichman University as good as her own was!







Omer Tsach







Omer, 24, originally from Herzliya, is starting his third year as a Computer Science student in the RRIS. Omer attended high school in the United States, but returned to Israel as part of the Garin Tzabar program, where he served as an analyst and officer in the IDF's Intelligence Unit. It was during his military service that Omer decided he wanted to study technology. In his free time, Omer likes to play video games, watch TV shows & anime, and read books. He decided to become an RRIS counselor because he remembers how hard it was for him when he first began his studies, and hopes to help others through this trying period.







Yaara Dadon






Yaara, 23, was born in Israel but grew up in Amsterdam, Holland. She made aliyah five years ago and served as a lone soldier in a co-ed infantry battalion in the IDF for almost three years. Yaara is beginning her second year as a Business Administration student at the RRIS. She chose to study at Reichman University because she wanted to be part of an international environment that welcomes many different cultures from around the world. She decided to become an RRIS counselor because she believes it is a great opportunity to help others go through the same process she went through.









Arielle Evan 






Arielle, 23, was born in Manhattan, New York, and moved to Israel at the age of 10. She served in the IDF as an Infantry Mortar Instructor. After her army service, she was a counselor at a Jewish summer camp in Pennsylvania, and then spent time working in NY City. Arielle is now entering her second year as an Economics and Entrepreneurship student. Last year, she particularly enjoyed spending time on Reichman University’s campus after it reopened,  and taking part in amazing extracurricular opportunities such as: GreenBiz club, volunteering for Paamonim, and interning at IronSource (an Israeli high-tech company). She’s excited to be an RRIS counselor and share her tips for making the most out of the Reichman experience with students from around the world.







Lior Biner







Lior, 29, who currently lives in Herzliya, is starting his third year as an Economics and Entrepreneurship student. Lior served as an infantry solider in the Golani Brigade, ultimately reaching the rank of Senior Sergeant. After the army, he worked in agriculture in the Golan Heights, and was then transferred to the Mexican state of Oxaca, where he provided agricultural expertise. Lior believes that everything in life is an opportunity, and we should both take and gain from the opportunities offered to us. Reichman University is one of those opportunities, and Lior feels that it is a place that allows him to constantly improve, learn, and develop.







Koren Dahan  







Koren, 24, lives in Herzliya and is beginning his second year as an Economics and Sustainability major. Koren was born in Israel, but spent his early years in Los Angeles. He eventually returned to Israel, where he served as a fighter and commander in Combat Intelligence in the IDF, and then worked as a 5th grade teacher. In his spare time, Koren likes to play soccer, tennis, and poker, and enjoys jamming with his friends. He’s a world class freestyler and can rap about anything.







Shila Dadon  






Shila, 25, was born and raised in the small Israeli town of Gedera. She is studying Economics and Business Administration at Reichman University. In the army, Shila served in a top Intelligence Unit, and then took an Officers' Course at Bahad 1, after which she served as an intelligence officer for two years. Following her military service, Shila flew to Mexico, where she worked in hotels and customer service for two years in a small town called Tulum. Shila loves reading, traveling both Israel and the world, and getting to know new places and people.









Ben Shekalim






Ben, 26, from Netanya, is in his second year of an Entrepreneurship & Computer Science degree at the RRIS. Prior to his studies, Ben served in the IDF, as a Planning and Development Officer in the Ministry of Defense. After that, he worked as a QA testing engineer at Verint for two years. Ben decided to study at IDC because it offers enriching programs, various opportunities, and a high level of academic studies. He decided to become an RRIS counselor because he knows how difficult it can be, and how uncertain students can feel, when beginning academic studies, and he’d like to help new students in any way he can.  









Gal Mechtinger







Gal, 25, originally from Eilat, currently lives in Tel Aviv. Gal served in the IDF for more than five years, as an Information Security Officer and commander of Information Security's basic course (in Intelligence). Gal, who is starting her second year of Reichman University’s M.A. in Law, Technology and Business Innovation, served as a volunteer in the Courts program last year. She also works as an Online Threat Investigator. Ultimately, Gal plans to work as an attorney in cyber security and technology. She decided to become an RRIS counselor so that she can help new students adapt to their new surroundings and get to know Israel. 







Thai Miller






Thai, 24, was born in Beer Sheva and grew up in Ra’anana. In the IDF, he served as a commander in the Artillery Corps in Battalion 402. He spent the last few years travelling around the world and working as a lecturer for “Step Forward.” Thai is now entering his second year as a student in the Tiomkin School of Economics, where is studying for a B.A. in Economics with a cluster in Technological Entrepreneurship (Hebrew only program). He decided to become an RRIS counselor because he wanted to be more engaged in the international school, meet new people, and be privy to new and exciting experiences.







Noah Cohen






Noah, 23, grew up in Kfar Saba. She served in the Israeli Airr Force (IAF) Public Relations Department, where she was in charge of international affairs and VIP visitations. At Reichman University, she participated in the StandWithUs fellowship and the “Shagi” dialogue program, and completed her internship at The Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at the media operations desk. Last year Noah was part of the management team of The Ambassadors of The Future Conference for Public Diplomacy. This year, she is a fellow in the Argov Fellowship for Leadership and Diplomacy. Noah speaks Hebrew, English, and some French. She plans to complete her M.A. in International Relations and pursue a career that relates to improving Israel’s global image. She decided to become an RRIS counselor because she wants to provide the best assistance possible to new students.








Enrique Feinholz






Enrique, 25, originally from Mexico City, is currently starting his third year as a Government and Sustainability student in the RRIS. He made Aliyah six years ago to join the IDF, where he was a commander in the Homefront Command's Search and Rescue Brigade. He decided to become an RRIS counselor because he knows from experience how confusing it can be to arrive in a new country. Enrique would like to offer new students the same type of help that so many others gave him when he first moved to Israel and began his studies, so that he can help these new students feel at home!







Sharon Berhovski 






Sharon, 24, was born and raised in Germany and made Aliyah at the age of 18, right after graduating from high school. She completed a gap year through her youth movement Netzer, and then her IDF service through Garin Tzabar, where she served as a spokesperson to the German media and then as a combat soldier and commander in the Artillery. After her army service, Sharon travelled in Asia and Africa, before returning to Israel to study at the RRIS. Sharon will be starting her second year as a Government & Sustainability student, while working as social media manager for RRIS. She feels privileged to be a student at Reichman University, which offers its students opportunities such as joining various clubs, internships, and other initiatives that allow every person to get much more than just a degree from their university experience. 










Shir Cohen






Shir, 25, lives in Herzliya and is a second year Government student in the Honors Strategy & Decision-Making track. Before entering Reichman University, Shir volunteered as a counselor in northern Israel as part of a youth movement during a gap year (shnat Sherut) and served in IDF for three years. Currently, she works as a project manager in an Israeli cybersecurity company. Shir loves traveling around the world and learning about different cultures, and traveled to eastern Asia for three months following her military service. During her first year at Reichman, Shir participated in three clubs on campus – Model UN, IDC China, and Artemis. She is excited to meet the incoming students and welcome them to Reichman University and to Israel!







Almog Adelman








Almog, 23, is starting her second year at IDC as a Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy major. She grew up in the small town of Windham, Connecticut, before making Aliyah at age 18 and enlisting in the IDF as a lone soldier. During her military service, Almog served in the International Cooperation Division – as an NCO on the North America desk, and then as a Foreign Visit Protocol, where she was responsible for managing foreign delegation visits at the General Staff level. Almog decided to study at Reichman University for its unique government studies program, so that she can continue on to a career in the world of diplomacy. She also has a passion for the performing arts, music, physical fitness, and languages. Almog is eager to welcome this year's incoming students as an RRIS counselor and hopes that she can use what she learned from her own experiences can to them adjust to a new life at Reichman University and in Israel.







Shaked Naftalovich







Shaked, 23, was born in Israel but raised in New Jersey. She’ll be starting her second year in the Psychology track at Reichman University. Shaked made Aliyah and served in the IDF for almost five years, first as an instructor and then as an officer. She describes her army service as one of the best things she has done in her life. She decided to become an RRIS counselor because she loves meeting people from all around the world, and is always happy to help and support others throughout their journey. Shaked has had a very positive experience with moving to Israel and studying at Reichman University. She would like to pass on the lessons she learned through those experiences in any way that she can. She can’t wait to welcome the incoming students and help make them feel at home!