Student Services

The RRIS offers a variety of services which are designed to meet the requirements and the needs of the students.

  • Career Center

    Preparing students to enter the workplace and to help them find employment opportunities by providing counseling, placement, and informational services. Tailored to meet the specific needs of the students.

  • Student Exchange

    The RRIS prepares students to play a role in global affairs. Reichman University offers exchange programs to its outstanding students at some of the world’s leading universities and, in turn, hosts students from these universities.

  • Students with Learning Disabilities

    Students with learning disabilities are given suitable testing conditions and are nurtured to develop their study skills by providing study strategies necessary for academic success.

  • The Lea and Naftali Ben-Yehuda Accessibility & Study Skill Center

    Designed to assist students who are recognized as those with learning issues, attention deficit disorders, and/or students with medical conditions.

  • Center for Psychological Counseling Services

    The service promotes the health and well-being of students. Resident psychologists provide professional, individualized counseling. Counseling is kept strictly confidential.

  • Writing Center

    The Writing Center aims to help IDC students become more effective writers, who are able to critically evaluate their own writing and develop the skills to enable them to express their ideas in a logical, clear and structured manner.