Visa and Status Information

Students are responsible for clarifying and establishing their status in Israel and can turn to the Raphael Recanati International School staff for advice and assistance. Israeli visa requirements vary based on your country of citizenship.

    Students are responsible for clarifying and establishing their status in Israel, and can turn to the Raphael Recanati International School staff for advice and assistance. Before commencing studies, all students must clarify their status and eligibility for a student visa (A-2), or Israeli citizenship, with the Israeli embassy or consulate in their country of origin. A student visa should be obtained in advance, in the student’s country of origin. International students who are children of an Israeli parent must settle all matters, such as deferment of military service, with the nearest Israeli embassy or consulate. The Jewish Agency provides advice and assistance to students considering immigrating to Israel. See Jewish Agency or Nefesh B' Nefesh for North America/UK.

    *Please contact the nearest Israeli Embassy/Consulate in your home country for more information.

    The RRIS staff is here to help with the procedure and can provide students with certification of your status as a student.

    Student Visa (A2)

    A student visa is a multiple entry visa valid for one year after which time it can be renewed. You should apply for a student visa in advance at your country of origin, through the Consulate of Israel in your area.

    You will likely be asked to provide:

    • Passport valid for at least one year
    • Letter of acceptance to the Reichman University program
    • Student Visa Application form (2 copies)
    • Photographs (2)
    • Visa fee
    • Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Health insurance including COVID-19 coverage
    • Proof that the student has the financial means to pay for his/her studies and subsistence throughout their stay in Israel

    *The consulate may require any additional documents due to COVID or for any other reason.

    Renewal of Student Visa

    Students may apply for renewal of their student visa either at the Ministry of Interior in Herzliya, or at the Israeli consulate abroad if they are abroad.

    Bring the following documents to the Ministry of Interior in Herzliya:

    • Student Visa Application form filled out
    • Passport & photocopy of the passport (Passport has to be valid for at least 6 months after period of requested visa)
    • Two passport pictures
    • A short letter explaining how you fund yourself & proof (tuition receipts, scholarships, bank statements etc.)
    • Updated Certificate of Enrollment with date of end of studies (available on myRU or from your academic coordinator)
    • Updated Grades Transcript (available on myRU)
    • Proof of residency in Israel (rent contract or confirmation from Reichman dorms)
    • Original Birth certificate (unless you have provided it previously to the Ministry of Interior)
    • Fee of 350 NIS (includes multiple entry visa; exemption with proof of Judaism) - payment with Israeli credit card only, no cash!

    *The Ministry of Interior may request any additional document

    *Documents not in Hebrew/English must be translated and notarized

    *For students staying here for 6 months or more, the ministry will send an inquiry to the Israeli police to check about any criminal records.

    Returning Israelis

    Students who were born in Israel must contact the nearest Israeli Consulate for updated information. Guidelines and regulations regarding this population change frequently.

    Students who have at least one Israeli parent

    Contact the nearest Israeli Consulate to check your Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) status, and to obtain an Israeli passport. Request a status of “child of emigrants” (b’nei mehagrim) from your local Israel Consulate. You may be eligible for a deferment from the IDF as long as you are a student. You may turn to RRIS staff for advice and assistance in this matter.

    New Immigrant (Oleh Chadash)

    You must check your Israel Defense Forces (IDF) status. In general, you need to serve in the army but may be able to defer your service until after you graduate (this depends on your age upon arrival in Israel).

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