The Sammy Ofer School of Communications focuses on new media and its influence on information, communications, consumers and journalism. Alongside courses providing updated theoretical information from top lecturers around the world, students are offered practical workshops and seminars that enable them to gain professional experience while still in school.

Program Highlights


  • Our students are taught and have access during their studies to the most advanced equipment and technology in the field including: TV and radio production studios, post-production studios, a Newsroom, and Digital Fabrication tools (3D printer) etc.
  • The program offers three specializations: Marketing Communications, Digital Influence and Perceptions, and Interactive Communications.
  • A variety of internships are available for students starting from their second year of studies.

  • Students also have the option to add a minor in business administration to their degree.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the production of the school’s radio station, operating on FM 106.2 frequency and, the world’s leading news website on Israeli innovation staffed by Reichman University students who are trained by professional journalists.
  • The Sammy Ofer School of Communications also offers a student exchange program to its 7th semester students.


  • Marketing Communications

    Head of Program: Dr. Tsahi Hayat

    The program emphasizes strategic and innovative thinking in fields such as: Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, and Communication Advisement, across all media and digital platforms providing students with the necessary tools to integrate in the marketplace.

  • Digital Influence & Perceptions

    Head of Program: Prof. Moran Yarchi

    Students will gain a wide understanding and practical experience into the full process of influencing perceptions using content creation and measuring impact, with emphasis on visual content creation.

  • Interactive Communications

    Head of Program: Dr. Noa Morag

    Researching the future of Human – Technology Interaction. Students design and produce new technological user experiences (UX).

Selected Courses from the Program:

​For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Students are also required to take general electives and may take electives from other programs at Reichman University.


**Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.


Sammy Ofer School of Communications students can choose a cluster in addition to their regular course of studies and alongside one of the specializations in communications.

  • Business Administration

    Head of Program: Yaron Timor

    The Arison School of Business at Reichman University offers a cluster in Business Administration for communications students.

Hadar Tzour, USA
Media Consultant at Debby Group

“My studies at Reichman University were truly an adventure during which I consumed so much knowledge and practical experience. This has enabled me to work with diverse clients from various fields, and to learn fast and adapt quickly.”

Arielle Barokas, Belgium
Lifestyle Expert at Ask Laura Ltd

"Reichman University has such a beautiful campus and, on top of everything, offers the option to study in English, which is so amazing for internationals."

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