Digital Influence & Perceptions Specialization

Digital Influence & Perceptions Specialization offers the students a wide understanding and practical experience into the full process of influencing perceptions using content creation and measuring impact, with emphasis on visual content creation.

Specialization Highlights

  • The specialization combines theoretical knowledge and practical tools in the fields on influence & perceptions. Along with theoretical knowledge in the field, which includes an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the online realm, target audiences, students will gain a wide understanding and practical experience into the full process of content creation and impact, with an emphasis on visual content creation (a key component in the ability to influence minds), as well as experience in community management and online activism - an evolving field in today's online reality.
  • Alongside theoretical courses and seminars, students take part in practical workshops such as Cross-platform content creation, Community management and online activism, Filming and Editing, Storytelling and message promotion, Documentary VR, and technological tools in measuring online influence.

  • In their third year, students join the Influence Lab led by professional mentors. Applying the tools and skills they have acquired in courses and workshops, students work on various projects: Creating and managing online communities; Creative effective cross platforms content: research and the identification of target audiences, the creation and distribution of content and the measuring their impact; and investigative journalism.
  • The specialization aims to prepare our graduates to integrate into a range of positions: Creating and developing cross-platform content; Creating an overall image strategy; Managing online communities; Promoting agendas and interests in cross-sectoral areas; Digital content management; Cross-platform journalism; Content Analyst; Production on digital platforms.

What Will You Study?

​For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Students are also required to take general electives and may take electives from other programs at Reichman University.


**Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.