The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at Reichman University is a leading school of public policy, diplomacy, foreign policy and strategy. With a faculty comprised of world-renowned academics alongside experienced professionals and practitioners, the program’s curriculum focuses on both theory and practice, to prepare the next generation of leaders for the challenges of an ever-increasing complex world.

About The Government Program

The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy offers students a broad-based perspective on domestic and global politics, and an in-depth understanding of the diverse issues governments and individuals confront in an ever-changing international system.

Students learn about and explore the impact of a wealth of diverse factors on political behavior, including psychological effects and motivations, business interests, economic policies, social media, culture, big data, and technology. Additionally, a special focus is put on the inner workings of the Middle East - regionally and within the context of globalization. The study of Israel is comprehensive in scope, including exposure to all facets of the Israeli polity - from issues of democracy and religion to foreign policy to questions of national security.

The studies are built on the concept of combining theory with practice, and expose students to real-life situations through case studies, simulations, internships, and meetings with key public figures.

During the final year of the program students specialize in one area of their choice, earning a Cluster Certificate. In addition, students may choose a minor area of study. The clusters are: Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution; Middle East; Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security; Business Administration; and Public Diplomacy.

The Lauder School attracts outstanding students from around the world, and provides a pluralistic environment in which students can exchange ideas and views, while gaining unique networking opportunities. Many of our students have continued their graduate studies at leading American and European universities. Alumni have also gone on to fascinating careers in government, the private sector, NGOs, and international institutions.


  • Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security

    Head of Program: Prof. Boaz Ganor

    The Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security cluster introduces students to the challenges and dilemmas entailed in countering terrorism.

  • Global Affairs & Conflict Resolution

    Head of Program: Dr. Shavit Matias

    The Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution Cluster offers an interdisciplinary context for understanding critical issues in foreign affairs, diplomacy, international politics, transnational security, international law, and conflict resolution.

  • Business Administration

    Head of Program: Dr. Uri Ullmann

    This cluster provides students with a relevant and in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of business administration in the modern age – relating to the interface between the world of business and economics and global politics as well as different state institutions and international actors.

  • Middle East

    Head of Program: Dr. Yossi Mann

    Introduces students to the many faces of the region, the challenges it faces, and the changes it is experiencing: Islam as a religion and as a political ideology; Arab nationalism; energy and geopolitics in the Middle East; the Arab Spring and the new generation of leaders and the dilemmas they face; a society torn between tradition and modernity, religion and nationalism.

  • Public Diplomacy

    Head of Program: Moran Yarchi

    The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy is offering a new cluster in Public Diplomacy to communications students.

Selected Courses from the Program:

  • Global Affairs & Conflict Resolution

    Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security

    Middle East

    Business Administration

    Additional Electives

For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.

**Students enrolled in the single major Government, Diplomacy & Strategy will take one cluster (19 credits) and one minor area of study (7 credits).

Ezra Friedman
Strategic Advisor, Foreign Policy and Energy, British Embassy

"RU allowed me to explore my passions on a plethora of foreign policy issues while providing world-class access to decision-makers and thought leaders. I am grateful for the platform and mentoring RU provided me, playing an integral role in who I am today."

Ellie Hochenberg
Host of Global Eye, I24NEWS English prime time show

"The knowledge and tools I have acquired during my studies allow me on a daily basis to zoom out and see the bigger picture, providing the oh-so-essential CONTEXT of current events. Until this day, some of my best interviewees and analysts are the teachers at RRIS. Without the intellectual infrastructure I have built during my years at the Reichman University, I wouldn’t have been able to connect the dots and get both the wider and deeper outlooks into the world we live in."

Dan Zafrir
Business Development Manager, Zinc Network, London

"RU gave me the tools and networks I needed to start out in the world of international affairs especially the Argov Fellowship for Leadership and Diplomacy. I use the analytical, negotiation, and partnering skills I learned there every day and have been able to build a support system of friends and mentors I'll take with me for a lifetime."

Kelly Odes
International Media Advisor The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

"My career path and journey in Israel would not have been possible had it not been for the outstanding experiences I had during my Government and Diplomacy degree at RU. Not only was each class more interesting than the next, but the amount of opportunities that exist to network with people in the field and to learn real-life practical tools from extra-curricular activities is what differentiates RU."

Ben Yoel
Political Science PhD Student at Michigan State University, Graduate TA and Research Assistant

"Reichman University, and particularly the immense opportunities to work with faculty members, opened my eyes to the academic and research path and provided me with the information and skills necessary to pursue a Ph.D."

May Saporta
Business Development & Partnerships Manager at (FICC)

"During my BA studies, I took an active part at the student union and managed the Melamed project and scholarships department. I was an intern of the Abba Eban Institute at the Asia Program and did a student exchange semester in Shanghai, Jiao Tong University."

Ido Levy
Associate Fellow at The Washington Institute For Near East Policy

"My experience at RU was indispensable to the work I do now. RU gave me a unique, advanced understanding of counterterrorism and jihadist groups that would have been hard to come by at other academic institutions. I use what I learned at RU on a daily basis in my work."

Talya Ohana
Consultant at Deloitte Catalyst

"The Government program at RU equipped me with the proper strategic and analytical skills necessary to serve as Consultant to large corporations. Mentorships from various coordinators, teachers, and leadership at RU enabled me to dream big and have the confidence to succeed in a dynamic and demanding industry. "

Eitan Fischberger
MA Candidate of Political Sciences and International Relations at HebrewU

"At RU, I learned about the fascinating world of public diplomacy and counterterrorism from world-renowned experts with firsthand experience in the fields. I took part in some of the school's amazing clubs and internships that really helped motivate me and gave me the tools to fight for Israel's public image a drive that I continue to integrate into my professional career."

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