The School of Psychology aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools and practical experience to enable them to fulfill their aspirations contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and society, and go on to advanced degree studies. Students are exposed to new fields in psychology, and core courses include positive psychology, political psychology, business psychology, and psychology of the internet.

Program Highlights


  • The curriculum puts emphasis on both psychology as a science and psychology as a profession, providing students the opportunity to learn new perspectives on human experience as well as to acquire hands-on experience in the field.
  • For those students interested in an academic career in psychology, intensive methodological studies and research experience are offered in high tech laboratories with our world-renowned academic faculty.
  • Since class sizes are small, individual attention, student interests, career development and psychological growth is of top priority.

  • In terms of prestige, the Reichman University BA psychology degree is recognized for admission to graduate degrees at the very best psychology programs in the USA, Israel and around the world.
  • The rigorous coursework at Reichman University prepares students for the graduate study exams, should students wish to study a second degree in the USA, Israel or elsewhere.
  • The faculty members at Reichman University are well-known and respected by psychology researchers world-wide, and their recommendations for both advanced academic degrees and career placement carry much weight.

Special Programs



The Honors Programs are designed for outstanding students who plan to continue studying towards advanced degrees in Israel or abroad. The programs span the second and third years of studies. The general Honors Program includes a seminar in which participants strengthen their analytic and research skills, as well as their proficiency in reading and writing scientific material in English and in writing a research honors thesis. The Brain and Mind Program includes an intensive apprenticeship in a neuroscience lab. Both tracks orient participants towards writing an empirical research article, to be submitted for publication to a scientific journal. The programs increase participants’ chances to be accepted for graduate studies at leading universities. 

Registration for the Honors Programs opens towards the end of the first undergraduate year, and is based on students’ achievements during that year.


Selected Courses from the Program:

  • Core Courses

    Theoretical Seminars One Semester: Choose One

    Research Seminars Two Semesters: Choose One

    Elective Courses Students are required to Choose four of the following courses

    Guided Research Can be chosen instead of one elective course in Psychology

    Interdisciplinary Studies Third-year students are required to complete an eight-credit interdisciplinary enrichment unit

​For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Students are also required to take general electives and may take electives from other programs at Reichman University.


**Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.

Stella Taskar, Germany
Business Development Representative. Cornerstone

"The RRIS program helped me a lot to develop myself and to show myself where my strengths and weakness lie. Through various courses as well as field experience, I learned a lot of theory as well as practice which will help me now in my new job."

Lilach Sachs, South Africa
HR, Outbrain

"Studying at RU helped me connect to so many amazing, inspiring people. Both students and professors taught me many meaningful lessons. I’m grateful that I got to learn from all of them and had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world!"

Lily Metta, Italy
HR manager

"I couldn’t have made a better choice. It has helped me open up on a personal level as I was surrounded by international students from all around the world. I was in Israel, an amazing country, and at the same time my mind was stimulated by the best professors in the field who are as enthusiastic and engaging in the topics that they teach. A fantastic experience one can never forget."

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