The Double Major program in Entrepreneurship and Economics with Data Science provides a multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy and the business world, while giving the students hands-on knowledge to start their own business or startup, a knowledge which is taught both by academic experts as well as industry specialists. The Data part of the degree provides the students with unique data analysis and programming skills. The graduates of this program have superb quantitative and analytical skills as well as leadership skills which allow them to excel in the private and public sector.

Selected Courses from the Program:

​For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Students are also required to take general electives and may take electives from other programs at Reichman University.


**Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.

Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.

Official accreditation of the Entrepreneurship program by the Israel Council for Higher Education is still pending.