The double major undergraduate program in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration is the first of its kind in Israel. The Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, a unique and innovative school in the Israeli landscape, strives to promote academic, research, educational study and practice in the field of entrepreneurship and business in Israel. The program is intended for students who are interested in establishing new innovative startups or new initiatives in organizations.

About The Entrepreneurship Program

  • The program follows the unprecedented success of the entrepreneurship programs at Reichman University, among them the Zell Entrepreneurship Program, the Media Innovation Lab (miLAB), and the RU Entrepreneurship Club (IEC).
  • The program is intended for students who are interested in establishing new innovative startups or new initiatives in organizations.
  • The program’s rationale is based on the stages of the entrepreneurial process as expressed both in the practice and in research: (a) Identifying opportunities and raising innovative ideas; (b) Defining the required resources for implementing the idea, and later on locating and obtaining them; (c) Developing the business model and establishing the initiative or project; (d) Developing the initiative and expanding it to the point of an operational and profitable business or to the point of exit.

Program Highlights

  • The program will provide students with practical tools and skills for building prototypes of innovative technological products, as well as for designing a business plan with the guidance of leading mentors from the Israeli startup community, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • At the heart of the program – establishing an initiative in teams, from idea to implementation.
  • Studies will take place several days a week, two semesters a year, for a total of six semesters.
  • Leading lecturers and researchers in the fields of technological innovation and business and social entrepreneurship will teach in the program, alongside experts from the industry, entrepreneurs and investors.

Business Program Highlights

  • Demanding and intellectually challenging, designed for outstanding candidates with strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge and tools toward management positions in an ever-changing reality
  • Offers an opportunity to specialize in finance, marketing and digital innovation.
  • Includes hands-on workshops, seminars and collaborations with leading companies.
  • Provides a strong background in data analytics - collecting, analyzing and presenting data to support managerial decisions

  • Sharpens students' self-presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication skills.
  • The program is taught by world-renowned leading lecturers, researchers and practitioners
  • Includes a fourth-year exchange program with partner campuses worldwide
  • Offers opportunities for students to related positions in private and public sectors

Selected Courses from the Program:

​For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Students are also required to take general electives and may take electives from other programs at Reichman University.


**Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.

Stu Shapiro, South Africa
Entrepreneurship & Business Administration Student

"I chose to study Business and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University because of the diverse countries that attend its outstanding programs and Israel being a leader of entrepreneurship and tech in the world. This is the place to gain exposure to the tools needed to be an entrepreneur."

Noah Marks, South Africa
Entrepreneurship & Business Administration Student

"The faculty at the school of entrepreneurship is of a world class standard and the opportunities granted to us as students in the BA Double major Entrepreneurship and Business Administration program is not only admirable, but also truly awe-inspiring."

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