The Sustainability-Government double major degree offers a new, updated academic program that is relevant in the post-Covid era, considering the global commitment to ambitious climate action. It focuses on major changes that have occurred in the fields of economics, politics, and the environment in Israel, the Middle East, and around the world. The curriculum teaches aspects of policy and decision-making that balance environmental, social, and economic issues within the international arena, and imparts a deep understanding of global environmental issues. These include water shortages, clean energy, and climate change, as well as national security considerations. The double major puts a strong emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and practical tools needed in the public and private sectors. It offers graduates an advantage when seeking jobs in a wide range of fields related to sustainability.

School of Sustainability

  • World renowned lecturers, researchers and entrepreneurs from Israel and abroad.
  • New and updated program, with courses reflecting the post COVID-19 global realities in the economy, society, and the environment.
  • The program teaches aspects of policy and decision making that balances environmental, social and economic issues within the international arena, with a deep understanding of national security considerations along with environmental, economic and social aspects.

Program Highlights

  • The study program places a strong emphasis on practical experience, through internships and a capstone project, enabling graduates of the school to fit into entrepreneurial startups in the areas of sustainability and clean-tech, or as sustainability experts in companies and businesses.
  • The program provides graduates with a competitive advantage in a broad range of fields in the public and private sectors that require expertise in sustainability.
  • Highly sophisticated teaching methodologies, including Virtual Reality and Hands-On ICT experience.

About The Government Program

The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy offers students a broad-based perspective on domestic and global politics, and an in-depth understanding of the diverse issues governments and individuals confront in an ever-changing international system. 


Students learn about and explore the impact of a wealth of diverse factors on political behavior, including psychological effects and motivations, business interests, economic policies, social media, culture, big data, and technology. Additionally, a special focus is put on the inner workings of the Middle East - regionally and within the context of globalization. The study of Israel is comprehensive in scope, including exposure to all facets of the Israeli polity - from issues of democracy and religion to foreign policy to questions of national security. 


The studies are built on the concept of combining theory with practice, and expose students to real-life situations through case studies, simulations, internships, and meetings with key public figures.


During the final year of the program students specialize in one area of their choice, earning a Cluster Certificate. In addition, students may choose a minor area of study. The clusters are: Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution; Middle East; Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security; Business Administration; and Public Diplomacy. 


The Lauder School attracts outstanding students from around the world, and provides a pluralistic environment in which students can exchange ideas and views, while gaining unique networking opportunities. Many of our students have continued their graduate studies at leading American and European universities. Alumni have also gone on to fascinating careers in government, the private sector, NGOs, and international institutions.

Selected Courses from the Program:

  • Sustainability Courses

    Government Courses

  • Sustainability Courses

    Government Courses

  • Sustainability Courses

    Government Courses

For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*Reichman University reserves the right to cancel, alter, or expand the academic programs and courses offered.


**Students enrolled in the single major Government, Diplomacy & Strategy will take one cluster (19 credits) and one minor area of study (7 credits). 

Shani Orlovsky, Kenya
Green building consultant, Alfa

"Studying Sustainability and Government opened my eyes to the possibilities and complexities of the world, and allowed me to delve into a vast array of global topics, from international relations to conflict resolution to the importance of prioritizing the environment. My degree gave me the research skills that will allow me to take my career in many different directions.”

Jonathan Amram, USA
Environmental Compliance Officer, Chevron Mediterranean

"Studying at RU has helped me develop the work ethic and discipline to apply myself in the workplace."

Alissa Abrahami, Canada
Content Manager, Greektime

"Even a few years after graduating, I am glad to be in touch with some of the friends and professors I met at RU."

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