Head of the Raphael Recanati International School Vice President for External Relations

The Raphael Recanati International School at Reichman University is an “island” of opportunity for students from around the world who would like to deepen their bonds with Israel while earning internationally recognized academic degrees. Our dedicated staff provides services that a student living away from home needs - from academic, to social, to housing, and many more.

In 1994 Prof. Uriel Reichman, president and founder of Reichman University, established this academic institution based on the values of “freedom and responsibility.” His aim was to imbue in our students the inner aspiration to succeed, while never forgetting their responsibility to help and support others.

The RRIS has over 2,000 students from 90 countries - a third of Reichman University’s total student body. We can proudly call ourselves the largest academic absorption center in the country. In fact, 37% of all international students studying full-time for their degrees in Israel study at Reichman University. This gives us the highest number of international students of any academic institution in the country. According to Israel’s Council for Higher Education, we are ranked number one, both per capita and in absolute numbers, out of 65 universities and colleges in Israel.

Reichman University has been granted permission to award PhD degrees, making it Israel’s first private university. We take pride in the fact that our faculty members are leaders in their fields and professions, with many having joined us from Ivy League and world-renowned universities. These experts strongly value our ideal of “the student as our partner” and work to ensure a good combination of scholarly excellence and practical experience within their curricula.

After graduation many of our students choose to make Israel their home, while others become ambassadors for the State of Israel in their overseas communities. Some of our graduates continue on to graduate programs at top universities around the world, while others work for successful global companies.

We invite you to join the Reichman University family and look forward to helping you realize the vision of Theodor Herzl - “If you will it, it is no dream.”

Here’s to your “next year in Herzliya.”



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