"We strive to develop and use our natural resources, but in a careful and responsible manner. It is our moral duty to future generation to leave the planet habitable."

Graduates of the School of Sustainability at Reichman University will be employed in the managerial, economic and social arenas in Israel or abroad. The academic curriculum of the degree in Sustainability combines courses in the fields of environmental and Earth sciences along with courses in the fields of economics and government in a similar manner to leading universities in the US and Europe.

What's Up at the School of Sustainability

Vice Dean Prof. Yael Parag as a Guest Researcher at the University of Oxford

School of Sustainability

Prof. Yoav Yair’s experiment was selected to take part in the "Rakia Mission" and will be launched to the International Space Station in 2022

School of Sustainability
Nachi Brodt
Sustainability Consultant and a co-founder & CEO K.S.V

"Sustainability studies exposed me to one of the main challenges in the 21st century, which is the ability to find a solution for green architecture in existing buildings. The practical project turned the idea to reality and led to opening a business in the field of green building."

Orchay Bardayan
Client Manager and in charge of infrastructure, CR Community Relations

"The studies in the School of Sustainability taught me to be a pioneer. The Sustainability world combines many areas which align with the interdisciplinary world view which Reichman University supports."

Romi Davidor
Marketing Manager, Stoke Talent

"We learned to be pioneers which is why we have the ability and obligation to create a better reality, one that respects us and our dear environment in the short term and long-term for the future generations."

Daniel Raanani
Marketing Lead, Chakratec

"The studies in the School of Sustainability opened me to a new world filled with challenges and opportunities - a paradise for those who seek to create and influence. Today I work in the field of energy conservation and electric cars, and is 'the eye of the storm' in the energy and transportation revolution in the world."