Special Programs

School of Sustainability offers a variety of programs. These programs are designed to meet the requirements and changing needs of the work market and the needs of the students.

special programs in cooperation with the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship

Economics students have the option to take part in a variety of entrepreneurship programs which are offers by the Adelson school of Entrepreneurship.

  • Zell Entrepreneurship Program

    The program provides a platform for the development of a business venture from concept to launch. In addition, the program offers students a year of customized learning and invaluable practical experience in an intimate seminar setting.

  • CO-OP Startup Experience Course

    We designed the "CO-OP Startup Experience Course" to offer students a unique opportunity to join a start-up and experience entrepreneurship first-hand, while still at school The "CO-OP Startup Experience Course" is an academic course (3 interdisciplinary credits) that allows students to intern in a real company for 10 weeks. Students are involved in real hands-on projects and improve their skills, knowledge and experience via "learning-by-doing"

  • Upstart

    The "Upstart" venture creation program is a 1 year program for students in their 3rd year from all faculties. The program enables students to gain practical tools and skills alongside academic knowledge in entrepreneurship. Students work throughout the year in interdisciplinary teams, accompanied by industry mentors,to create ventures and compete on the chance to work with an accelerator.

Additional Special Programs