"The future of Israel depends on its ability to be better than most if not all. That is also how we mean to compensate for the deficiency in numbers. We must have quality and excellence."

The Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy seeks to prepare around 20 exceptional IDC students in their final year of B.A studies for future leadership positions in Israel and in the Jewish world. Through a year-long, challenging interdisciplinary curriculum, the program seeks to help the students acquire the knowledge, tools, skills and critical thinking abilities necessary for working towards meeting the many challenges that Israel faces in today’s complex global environment.


Class of 2023

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The program seeks students who demonstrate a commitment to excellence

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Nadav Pollak, Class of 2012
Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

"Through its combination of rigorous studies, inspirational lecturers and dedicated participants, the Argov Program taught me how to be a better political analyst and gave me the tools to influence Israeli society."

Omri Kollet, Class of 2014
Cadet, The Civil Service Cadets Program

"The experience I went through during the program is difficult to describe, but if I try to represent it in a word, the best would be direction."

Ella Drory, Class of 2014
International Development and Community Relations Manager at "Latet"‎

"Every step forward in my career, the Argov Program accompanied me, whether through its alumni, its professors or the network of incredible professionals I have had the chance to meet."

Shira Ben Tzion Class of 2012
Deputy Counsul General Consulate General of Israel in Istanbul

"The challanges I encountered in the Argov Program opened my eyes, heart and mind - not by providing me with the answers, but by teaching me to ask the right qustions."