Meet the Fellows
Argov Class of 2022


Amit Ayalon
Amit Ayalon (1986, Israeli), Government
Amit grew up in Rishon LeTsiyon and moved to Australia at age 23 to pursue fashion studies and surfing. Upon her return, she established a fashion label with 100% Israeli blue & white products and opened a shop in Tel Aviv. Amit worked as a personal and executive assistant for the CEOs of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club and Noble Energy. She currently interns at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and, at Reichman University, served as a project manager for the StandWithUs Fellowship, participated in the Israeli Young Pugwash Program and Impact Club, and volunteered in the Arab-Jewish “Shagi” and the ISchool tutoring programs. Amit loves animals and dedicates time and effort to their rescue and shelter. She aspires to become a meaningful player in initiating and orchestrating events both within and outside of Israel, with particular attention to the growing opportunities in the Middle East.
Hadar Beck (1996, Israeli), Law and Government 
Hadar grew up in Ness Ziona. During high school, she was a counselor in the Israeli Scouts Movement and, in the IDF, served as medic in a classified intelligence unit and as a guide on behalf of the IDF Medical Corps. Following her discharge, Hadar worked at a Jewish summer camp in Boynton Beach, Florida and took part in delegations aiming to connect United States Jewry to Israel (i.e., Birthright). At Reichman University, she participated in the street law clinic, the judicial procedures practicum and the StandWithUs Fellowship, in addition to serving as a representative for the disciplinary committee. Hadar currently works as a pre-intern at an international commercial law firm and as a tutor for various law courses. She aspires to represent and advocate for Israel in the global arena and to pursue a career in the fields of law, diplomacy or business. 
Benjamin Brent (1997, American/Israeli), Government (International)
Benjamin was born in Florida. Having spent many summers in Israel on family trips and programs, it was clear that, after finishing high school, he would move to Israel. Benjamin drafted to the IDF and served as a commander in the paratroops. After his release, he began his academic career at Reichman University, ranking first in his class and participating in many extracurricular activities. Benjamin currently serves as the vice president of the Recanati International School (RRIS) Debate Society and as a policy fellow for the Pinsker Centre, a UK-based think tank that focuses on normalizing the conversation about Israel abroad. He plans to attend law school in the US and to practice law before transitioning to politics later in his life. Benjamin is interested in diplomacy and international relations, hoping to one day be in a position where he can have a direct impact on Israel via those avenues. 
Eleanor Cohen (1996, Israeli/American), Sustainability and Government
Eleanor was born in South Carolina to Israeli parents and moved to Israel with her family at age 13. She participated in a unique pre-military program, “Kol Ami,” which aims to build connections between Jewish youth in Israel and abroad. Eleanor volunteered as a young leader at Tomorrow's Women, an NGO empowering young Israeli and Palestinian women. She served as a medic in the IDF and later worked at the Tel Aviv Tourist Information Centers. At Reichman University, where she was on the Dean's list, Eleanor took part in the Debate Club, Model United Nations (MUN), and StandWithUs Fellowship. During her studies, she interned at the Knesset Spokesperson and the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy. Eleanor enjoys hiking, traveling, mediating and acting. She aspires to strengthen and unite the Israeli society through a career in media, broadcast and journalism.
Noah Cohen (1998, Israeli), Government
Noah was born and raised in Kfar Saba. In the IDF, she served in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Public Relations department where she was in charge of international affairs and VIP visitations. At Reichman University, Noah participated in the StandWithUs Fellowship, “Shagi” dialogue program, and completed an internship at the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at the media operations desk. She was part of the management team of the Ambassadors of the Future conference. Noah currently serves as an orientation week counselor at the Recanati International School (RRIS). She speaks French and plans to complete a master’s degree in international relations and pursue a career dealing with Israel’s worldwide image.
Raz Dagan (1997, Israeli), Government
Raz grew up in Ra'anana where, during high school, she served as head counselor in the Israeli Scouts. She is a lifelong gymnast and has been coaching for a decade. Raz participated in a gap year service program in the Israeli Scouts "Garin Atid" in Bat Yam, working with Israeli, American and British Jewish youth. In the IDF, she served in the Intelligence Corps as an intelligence analyst and commander. At Reichman University, Raz has taken part in the "Shagi" program which promotes Israeli-Arab encounters, the Gideon Group which works to improve Israel's international image and heads the Women's Circle. Through her career, she aspires to make a meaningful impact on Israel’s national security. 
Omer Drori (1996, Israeli), Economics and Entrepreneurship
Omer was born and raised in Herzliya. In the IDF, he served as a commander in the “Egoz” Reconnaissance Unit. After completing his service, Omer went on to study acting while also working as a sales account manager in an international trading company. At Reichman University, he participated in the “Tamid” international consulting club. Omer also worked for an early-stage start-up as a customer success manager and volunteers teaching English and mathematics to children in the elementary school he attended as a child. He aspires to study for a master's degree overseas and to represent Israel while abroad.
Maya Ezra (1997, Israeli), Government
Maya was born and raised in Zichron Ya’akov, spending her childhood playing basketball in the national teen league. During her military service, she served in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit as the head spokesperson of the Jordan Valley Brigade. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its complexity were always a substantial factor in her ideology and values. Hence, after her military service, Maya worked for prominent public figures, organizations, and political movements affiliated with the Israeli left. At Reichman University, she participates in the "Shagi" Project and the Eradication of Racism Workshop. In addition, Maya serves as an intern for the "CAP-IL" research project which investigates the Israeli political agenda. She aspires to play a significant role in finding a substantive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Charlotte Feld-Davidovici (1998, British/French/Israeli), Government (International)
Charlotte was born and raised in London to a French mother and a British father. At the age of 18, she moved to Israel and became one of the first female tank commanders in the IDF Armored Corps. Following the completion of her service, Charlotte began her government studies at Reichman University, where she belongs to the Investment Group, Dance Troupe and has achieved a place on the Dean's list. She enjoys being active - especially running, dancing and rugby - and volunteers for an NGO that combats poverty in Israel. Her view of the future remains positively open, yet she will endeavor to involve leadership, the advancement of women in all sectors of society, and shaping Israel into a better place than it is today.
Edward Geisman (1996, Israeli), Law and Government (M.A.)
Edward was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to Haifa with his family at the age of 3. In high school, he participated in international public diplomacy programs and then served in an Israel Air Force (IAF) special unit in a classified position. Edward then served as a Jewish Agency emissary to summer camps in the US.  At Reichman University, he took part in the legal clinic for youth representation and the legal practicum for advancing Knesset legislative procedures. He also participated in the Shadow Government, Reichman UniversityONNECT, China and Business, and Justice and Liberty Clubs. Edward volunteered at the Tel Aviv District Court, assisted the Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Department and works as a pre-intern at a commercial law firm. Edward speaks Russian and aspires to engage in the fields of international law and diplomacy in order to promote initiatives in the fields of human rights, technology and sustainability.
Sebastian Gejer (1995, Uruguayan/Israeli), Government (International)
Sebastian grew up in Uruguay, where he was a counselor and head of the Zionist Beitar Movement and participated in a service year “Masa” Zionist leadership program. After studies in international affairs and serving as the president of the Youth Zionist Federation of Uruguay, he came to Reichman University on an exchange program, participating in the Ambassadors Club and serving as a teaching assistant. Sebastian then decided to move to Israel to complete his studies at Reichman University, where he participated in the first XR Ideathon and the Pugwash Club in addition to interning at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy. He aspires to combine his interests and experience in entrepreneurship and leadership, fulfilling needs and working to improve society.
Ioana Alexandra Mogos (2000, Romanian), Government (International)
Ioana grew up in Bucharest, Romania where she studied at a Jewish high school that helped her discover her passion for diplomacy and international affairs through its diplomacy course, MUN Club and diplomatic conferences. She was a founding member of Girl UP Romania, a society fighting for gender equality and women’s rights. Ioana also worked with children from disadvantaged backgrounds through an organization founded by the Romanian royal family. She moved to Israel to study government at Reichman University, where she served as the president of Reichman University MUN.  One of the most exciting things in her life is training a guide dog that will serve as eyes for blind people. She speaks Romanian and, in the future, plans to become a diplomat, promoting relations between Israel and Romania. 
Hagar Naor (1995, Israeli), Law and Government
Hagar was born and raised in Michmoret, where she was a counselor in the "Bnei Hamoshavim" youth movement. In the IDF, she served as a behavioral sciences diagnostician and course commander. Following her discharge, Hagar moved to Kibbutz Ortal to work in agriculture. She then took part in Project TEN as part of a voluntary mission in Ghana, continuing to work with the organization as a marketing and volunteer recruitment coordinator. At Reichman University, Hagar participated in the individual and community legal aid clinic, judicial procedures practicum at the Tel Aviv Family Court and the project for promoting female students to influential positions in Israeli society. She currently serves as the law school orientation week coordinator. Following her internship, Hagar aspires to take a central role in social action, influencing positively Israeli society through a career combining law and diplomacy.
Aviv Nichtberger (1992, Israeli), Law and Government
Aviv was born in Afula and raised in Tel Aviv. He served seven and a half years as an officer in division 401 of the IDF Armored Corps. Holding positions ranging from tank commander to operational company commander, Aviv served on most of Israel’s borders and fought as an officer in Operation Protective Edge. At Reichman University, Aviv is a student representative and participates in the clinic for representing defendants in the public defender’s office. He speaks Spanish and aspires to influence positively Israel’s image to the world through a career in the civil service. 
Yuval Peretz (1997, Israeli), Government
Yuval grew up in Rehovot and, at age 16, moved to an international boarding school in the UK as part of the United World Colleges organization, where she lived and studied for two years. In the IDF, Yuval served as head of social media for the navy, creating and producing content for the various platforms. Upon her discharge, she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked as assistant naval attaché at the Embassy of Israel. At Reichman University, Yuval took part in the Model United Nations (MUN) program, as well as the Gideon Group of the Reservists on Duty Organization, which works to improve Israel’s global image and confronts BDS organizations worldwide. In addition, she interned in the American Public Opinion Toward Israel research lab (APOI). Yuval plans to pursue a career in diplomacy and Israel advocacy. 
Yuval Perez (1996, Israeli), Government
Yuval was born and raised in Tel Aviv. After high school, he joined the IAF’s Operations Intelligence Department, where he led major cross-organizational projects. At Reichman University, Yuval directed the 2020 Democracy Day political convention. He also volunteered in the Israeli advocacy inter-generational leadership program and was a fellow of the PeaceTech Hub Program. In addition, he participated in the Reichman University Consulting Club, Reichman Universityhina and the entrepreneurship programs for cannabis and marketing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Yuval co-founded a student rights movement with the aim of raising awareness of student financial distress. Yuval currently works as a business analyst at a boutique management consulting firm. He plans to pursue a meaningful career involving business, strategy and social impact.
Michal Pescovsky (1996, Israeli/Argentinian), Government
Michal was born in Kfar Saba to Argentinian parents and lived in Florida with her family for several years. Growing up, she was involved with stage arts and majored in theater arts in high school. During her military service, Michal was chosen to represent the IDF in the summer camp program in North America together with the Jewish Agency. There, she found her passion for the field of education for Israel. She continued working with the Jewish Agency and served as a delegate for four summers while mentoring new delegates. Michal decided to study government at Reichman University in order to learn about Israeli society and the challenges surrounding the perception of Israel and Judaism around the world. She aims to improve the relationship among Jewish communities around the world and to embrace the uniqueness of Diaspora communities among Israelis. 
Matias Shocron (1999, Argentinian), Government (International)
Matias was born and raised in Argentina, where he was strongly connected to the local Jewish community. He came to Israel to study at Reichman University, where he participated in the Ambassadors Club and put his knowledge in practice through four internships. His first internship was through the CO-OP program of the Entrepreneurship School, working at Optibus. The other three were related to government, improving his research and critical thinking skills, at the Abba Eban Institute (Diplomacy 2030 Program), Peres Center for Innovation and Peace (Yala), and SIGNAL (Sino-Israel Network). Matias speaks Spanish, and aspires to a career related to political economy, focusing on improving the wellbeing of the international community by working within major global institutions, while defending and supporting Israel.
Or Tzofi (1997, Israeli), Computer Science and Entrepreneurship (International)
Or was born and raised in Tel Aviv. In the IDF, he served in the military police as a commander. Following his discharge, he enrolled at Reichman University, where he studied computer science and entrepreneurship. At Reichman University, he is on the Dean’s list and participated in the Reichman University branch of the “Tamid” international consulting club. Or has an interest in history and global politics. He is passionate about foreign cultures and speaks Hebrew, English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. He intends to complete a master’s degree and aspires to pursue a career that combines his passions for international relations, technology and entrepreneurship.
Liel Zino (1998, Israeli), Government
Liel was born and raised in Eilat. She served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, first as the contact manager for the official international social media and as a media correspondent for the North American media outlets and then as a combat spokesperson for the co-ed “Faran” battalion brigade on the Egyptian border. At Reichman University, Liel took part in the Reichman Universityonnect Program, the Ambassadors Club and the Reservists on Duty Program of the Gideon Group.  She is passionate about diplomacy, politics and public service and aspires to make a change in the Israeli public service system in a way that will help provide equal opportunities for children and adults living in Israel’s periphery.