"Public Diplomacy in the 21th century is unique and different from the traditional diplomacy in almost every aspect you can imagine. It has a wider, more diverse target audience, the message carriers are different that the ones we saw in the past, and the set of platforms used for message delivery are altering every day, as we speak. The challenge of the traditional governmental system is to adapt to these changes, and our students can be one of the most significant agents of change in that field in the years to come"

    Reichman University Public Diplomacy Program provides its excellent students, with effective, innovative and proactive professional tools, for public diplomacy in the 21st Century. The program, inspires academic excellence, innovative and critical thinking and a Zionist driven approach, providing its students with both the practical and theoretical aspects of public diplomacy. Through the unique approach that combines interdisciplinary way of thinking, high academic requirements, and practical experience in on-line activism, the program equips students with the best tools required in order to outshine in the diverse employment market of public diplomacy both in Israel and abroad. Upon graduation, the program fellows are encouraged to pursue leadership positions in the world of public diplomacy, and the program's Key Performance Indicators are measured by the success of its vibrant alumni network.


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