The Public Diplomacy Program, a joined program of the Communications and Government schools, is designed for exceptional students, from all schools at Reichman University, in their final year of B.A. studies. The program which is spread out over an academic year, awards students with 14 credits, and is conducted in English (Israeli students may submit their assignments in Hebrew). Each year, 20 leading honor students take part in the program.

The Public Diplomacy Program provides students with:


  1. An interdisciplinary approach to public diplomacy
    The program which utilizes content from Government, Communication, Psychology and Marketing, provides students with a deep understanding of today’s interdisciplinary diplomatic landscape and teaches them how to deal with a variety of challenges in the diplomatic
    and advocacy arenas in this contemporary Information Age.

  2. An innovative program based on five pillars
    The program works in collaboration with the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy which acts as a pro-active research institute, inspired to form an innovative, effective and proactive diplomacy infrastructure for Israel, in order to restore its standing in the global arena. In line with the Abba Eban Institute’s innovative approach and based on the understanding that public diplomacy practices nowadays is comprised of five main pillars: Academia, Civic Society, Government, Business and Media, the program provides students with the rare opportunity to learn from prominent scholars as well as leading international
    professional in these five fields.

  3. Practical experience
    The Public Diplomacy Program aims to prepare the next generation of public diplomacy professionals by providing them with both the theoretical knowledge and the tools and experiences necessary to become leaders in their field.


  • internship: Students apply the skills learnt throughout the program and gain practical experience through a special internship at Act.IL – a joint project of the IDC and Israeli American Council, that engages the pro-Israel network in an attempt to optimize content creation for specific target audiences. The students will work as interns at Act.IL and receive practical experience in strategizing decisions, as well as the creation and distribution of digital content. For their work as interns, the students will receive a scholarship.
  • Study tours in Israel: Throughout their studies students travel on study tours around Israel. During the tours, students meet and engage in active discussions with Knesset members, renowned journalists, representatives from global civic society organizations and business multinationals.
  • Practical workshops: Students are taught a variety of practical tools dealing with content creation, messages promotion, branding, and the shaping of public opinion in the digital age, through various workshops throughout the program.


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