Zell Ventures


  • Mobai | Inactive

    Mobai combining AI and computer vision to help parents remain aware of their baby’s safety and promote brain development by using technology.

  • Wisor | Active

    Wisor is a pricing and quotation optimization solution focused on the needs of the freight industry.

  • Monto | Active

    Monto is the first fully automated, out-of-the-box solution for the growing problem of billing through many different suppliers' portals.

  • Ole | Active

    Ole is an on-demand fashion marketplace that provides a hassle-free shopping experience - immediate deliveries, returns & exchanges.

  • Talon Cyber Security | Active

    Talon Cyber Security is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for the distributed workforce.



  • Inbe | Active

    inbe (Previously Caryera) provides a personalized Career Path, for an efficient career development & execution. The platform is updated in real time.

  • Vlabs | Inactive

    VirtualOffice allows companies and remote teams to take their video meetings to the next level.

  • Balena ltd | Active

    Balena creates unique fashion products by developing innovative materials. The usage of biomass and organisms enables the decomposition of our products in their after-use stage.

  • Bumblebee AI | Active

    Bumblebee is an AI pollination solution for crops in which pollination can limit crop yields, such as avocado, kiwi, almonds, blueberries, cocoa and more.

  • Parametrix | Active

    Parametrix creates business interruption insurance for IT downtime events such as cloud-outages, e-commerce downtime, payment failures, and other third-party disruptions.

  • Kanta | Active

    Kanta is a digital mortgage broker service, we make the process of taking a mortgage simple, transparent, and fair.

  • Eleos | Active

    Empowering behavioral health outcomes with therapy-specific voice analysis

  • Firmus | Active

    A cloud-based platform to which construction companies can export their BIM models and get real-time alerts on design errors, construction issues and potential risks.

  • NOVOS | Active

    NOVOS is a training platform for gamers who take gaming seriously. NOVOS (novos.gg) is a training platform for gamers who want to pursue their dreams and take their gaming skills to a higher level.

  • Cervello | Active

    Railway Cyber Security

  • Liv | Active

    Self care and personal growth kit, which allows the process of choice and change. An accessible, clear and simply organized kit that contains a variety of psychological exercises and techniques.

  • InnPlay | Active

    Mobile gaming studio

  • Supertools | Active

  • Stay Labs | Active

    Stay Labs personalize food for dogs, based on science, not trends. At Stay, we deliver personalized dog nutrition catered to every dog's needs and preference.

  • Kodo Interactive | Inactive


  • Spetz | Acquired by Paradox

    Spetz is a tool that allows easy implementation of white-label WhatsApp hiring chatbot, creating a new and direct communication channel with candidates.

  • Fibo | Active

    Reinventing the way people are filing their taxes. Fibo makes the process easy and simple for the user thanks to Integrations built with the tax authorities, the banks and the insurance companies.

  • adjusti.co | Acquired by Teikametrics

    Marketing Intelligence Platform for Amazon

  • Upright | Active

    Upright is a pioneering platform for the creation and exploration of virtual events for developers and startups, such as hackathons, bootcamps, accelerators, and assessment programs.

  • Agently | Inactive

    Agently is a software company that provides a digital platform for real estate agents to communicate comprehensive information about their assets and create autonomos assets collaborations.

  • Clique.ai | Active

    A collaboration platform for professional communities.

  • Orca AI | Active

    Orca AI brings cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime, with the mission of building the brain for autonomous ships.

  • NUA | Active

    NUA Is the brand of vibrantly designed rehabilitative excellence centers that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and physical fitness for people with chronic physical disabilities.

  • Ladingo | Active

    A cross border software solution for online retailers that want to sell oversize categories (furniture, sporting goods etc.)

  • YesChef | Active

    An online e-learning platform for home gastronomy, offering exclusive video classes from world-renowned chefs, with immersive storytelling, hands-on teachings and rich interactivity.

  • Trusted House | Active

    We want to bring trust to the clients in the real estate and construction industries by managing their customer journeys and provide them with 100% responsibility for the decisions we help them making.

  • Dynamo | Active

    As Parents who had enough with the "guilt trips" related to the fact our Kids have smartphones, we decided to create a platform which brings value by streaming hundreds of positive interactions for kids.

  • HomeHero | Active


  • Halo Labs | Inactive

    Halo Labs provides teams with a prototyping and design solution for VR/AR applications - "Invision for VR/AR".

  • Empirical | Active

    Empirical helps companies increase revenue by improving hiring decisions. We use predictive analytics, grounded in data science and machine learning, to profile a company’s strongest and weakest performers.

  • Outgage | Active

    A direct mail SaaS platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns.

  • The HomeWork Club

    The HomeWorkClub is a family friendly workspace & community with a flexible creche. We bring Home and Work together.

  • Sosu Inc | Inactive

  • Whizzy | Inactive

    Whizzy is a software company that provides different types of recognition solutions via camera lens. Whizzys solutions vary from AR, to pattern and image based recognition but we take biggest pride in our object based recognition technology.

  • TaxJoy | Active

    Communication platform for tax professionals.

  • Torii | Active

    Torii is the most advanced SaaS management platform for the modern IT. Discover, optimize, and control your organization’s SaaS usage and cost from a single hub.

  • MAX | Active

    The MAX Program established in 2017,as an innovative educational program that has taken the lead to empower high school students and youth enable them to explore their full potential.

  • Remagine Ventures | Active

    A venture capital fund investing in seed to series A startups in the new media space, with a spotlight on Israel.


  • CoachAi | Inactive

    An AI companion that helps people make exercise into a regular part of their weekly routine. For health clubs and leisure centers, CoachAi is a totally automated solution for increasing member retention.

  • Tavopo | Acquired

  • Perceptive AI | Active

    The first platform of its kind to employ AI in order to help customer success teams in B2B companies predict, analyze and act upon early signals of churn and revenue expansion opportunities.

  • Bllush | Inactive

    A content engine for fashion & interior design retailers to publish high quality, licensed content directly to website visitors.

  • Steero | Inactive

    The company incorporated an insurance agency in order to make insurance honest, smart and personalized. Steero use technology and the power of community to help customers to stop fund crazy drivers.

  • KolGene | Inactive

    KolGene is a digital management platform that streamlines and optimizes the genetic tests ordering process.KolGene makes sure the process is transparent, accountable and optimized financially, logistically and medically.

  • Loox | Active

    An e-commerce marketing solution that helps online merchants grow their business with photo reviews and social proof.

  • Good Pharm | Acquired by RITE AID

    Retail drugstore chain

  • ClinicRent | Inactive

    ClinicRent is a shared economy digital platform that connects physicians in need to rent a private clinic & clinic owners looking to maximize profit from their existing healthcare assets.

  • CANIS Int. | Active


  • Wemark | Inactive

    Our blockchain-based marketplace allows photographers to license their photos directly to customers with full transparency. The distribution fee of 15% is guaranteed by our underlying protocol and cannot be changed.

  • Astralink | Inactive

    Preventing construction errors, Astralink is a Quality Assurance platform for the construction industry, using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between 3D digital blueprints (BIM models) and real-life construction field work.

  • Mego | Inactive

    Mego is a p2p marketplace of couriers and recipients. Mego's users can get their packages at their convenience, eliminating the frustration that comes with package delivery.

  • EyeOnn | Inactive

    EyeOnn develops an advanced swimming pool safety system that recognizes swimmers distress using underwater cameras and computer vision algorithms.

  • Wetrip | Active

    Rebuilding the package travel experience for the new age travelers. WeSki provides a unique customer experience, enabling skiers to book flexible and personalized ski holidays easily.

  • Rewire | Acquired by Remitly

    Develops global digital banking solutions for internationals who manage their lives in two or more countries.

  • Cymbio | Active

    A B2B automation platform, enabling brands and retailers to easily streamline processes and optimize inventory utilization while increasing sales and margins.

  • Hippo Insurance | IPO 2021

    Hippo developed the first modern home insurance product in the U.S.(covering home office and electronics as opposed to fur coats and pewter bowls), which truly supports and covers customers current lifestyle and home.


  • Argus | Acquired by Continental

    Argus Cyber Security is a pioneer provider of cyber security solutions for the automotive industry.

  • FairFly | Active

    The company enables travelers who've already purchased an airline ticket to rebook their ticket when a better priced option becomes available. FairFly is available in 37 countries and supports all flights with the exception of non-refundable or charter flights.

  • Engie | Inactive

  • Silverback.ai | Active

    Silverback empowers online retailers with an AI-powered sales decisions hub that enables them to offer the best product assortment at the most competitive prices and optimize promotions to be ahead of the game.

  • 99Bitcoins | Active

    We translate Bitcoin into plain English for beginners.

  • Lumen | Active

    We are a team of scientists, engineers and designers aiming to change the way people eat and manage their bodies, so that they reach healthy weight, improve sport performance and acquire better habits to prevent diabetes.

  • Boost. accelerating people | Active

    We create tailor made venture creating programs.

  • RealFace | Acquired by Apple

  • MASKIT | Active

    Maskit was the first and only fashion house of Israel. Maskit was founded in 1954 by Rut Dayan and we revived it as the first Israeli brand revival.

  • Mindspace | Active

  • Scholarship Owl | Active

    The company helps you graduate debt-free. With a smart scholarship engine, which is updated daily with new scholarships, one can apply for hundreds of scholarships with one application.

  • Tulip | Active

    We enable the manufacturing workforce to improve efficiencies, share best practices, reduce downtime, and increase the consistency and safety of their manual processes.

  • Zebra medical vision | Acquired by Nanox

    AI medical imaging.

  • Real | IPO 2020

    US Real estate brokerage with technology instead of offices.


  • Naked Caps | Inactive

    Naked Caps was founded by Gal Agadi, Ayelet Bar (Zell 12) and Shahar Peter. Naked personalize cosmetics products by giving the consumer the power to choose a different scent for the same product.

  • eBrain | Inactive

    At ebrain, we make it incredibly easy to get your files edited when you need it. We thoroughly check every aspect of your writing, including spelling, grammar, and overall writing structure

  • Roomer | Active

    An online marketplace for selling & buying discounted hotel reservations

  • Fieldin | Active

  • 1item | Acquired by Geine Group

    1item is an ecommerce site that offers clothing and accessories for young women with a limitation that everything that is for sale on site will not be priced over 100nis

  • Planet of the Apps | Inactive

    We bring to life original creative concepts and support them throughout their entire lifecycle, from ideation to post launch support.

  • Kano | Active

    Our mission is to give young people – and the young at heart – a simple, fun way to make and play with technology, and take control of the world around them.

  • Wyzli | Inactive

    Social shopping community for new parents, to easily share and discover products and advice with one another.

  • Meerkat | Active

    It is a mobile app that enables users to broadcast live video streaming through their mobile device.

  • Latimeria | Active

    Aims to establish advanced fish breeding centers for the production of fingerlings

  • Maverick Ventures (Israel) | Active

    We see ourselves as the catalyst to take leading technology start-up companies to the next level.

  • Ubimo | Acquired by Quotient

    ubimo enables advertisers to leverage location based data together with the latest programmatic buying technologies, to efficiently reach their specific audience.

  • keepy | Active

  • 24me | Active

    a smart personal assistant that gets things done for you


  • Fandome | Inactive

    Fandome is digitizing football (soccer) match-day programmers for better fans' experience and teams' distribution.

  • minute.ly | Active

    The company boosts video revenues from existing users and drives new traffic from social networks.

  • Pontera | Active

    Pontera provides mission critical platforms that unlock greater financial outcomes for both financial professionals and their end clients.

  • Bites | Inactive

    It is a micro-voting participation platform that allows users to interact with and influence TV shows, events, brand's, news and celebrities.

  • TROPHiT | Inactive

    Kankado delivers its customers the mobile edge they seek in their applications.


  • Segoma | Acquired by JamesAllen

    Diamond and jewellery 3d imaging tech

  • WeTtrip | Inactive

    is a social travel platform that personalizes travel attractions information according to user's travel preferences

  • Weesh | Inactive

    Weesh by Just Us was a mobile app that helped couples to share and discover new experiences together.

  • Bettersalez | Inactive

    BetterSalez was a boutique store of sales management apps for freelancers, sales people and anyone who wants to simplify the sales process with Clear Visuals.

  • EasyBox | Inactive

    EasyBox aimed to provide convenient pickup points for online shoppers by partnering with local stores.

  • Bizzabo | Active

  • Visually | Acquired by ScribbleLive

  • Formlabs | Active

    Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and intuitive 3D printing tools for the professional designer, engineer, and maker.


  • INNOVI | Acquired by Sabres Group Digit

    The company is a performance marketing agency working for leading brands worldwide as IBM, Teva, Orange and others.

  • Mini Sun | Inactive

  • TheBoatingApp | Inactive

    TheBoatingApp website is a planning tool for boaters. Covering over 10,000 locations - anchorages, marinas, taverns and islands globally.

  • Wibbitz | Active

    Wibbitz is an automated video creation platform for storytellers. Create videos people love quickly, easily, and at scale.

  • Funkkit

    The company brings creative solutions for customizing and designing shoes by combining technology, community and art to footwear.

  • Wibiya | Acquired by Conduit

    Joongel developed a new search method on the Internet based on the “long tail” theory

  • WebLe@ds | Acquired

    The company established the first outsourced live chat center in ISRAEL and focuses on leveraging the conversion rate of websites by using live engagement tools.

  • Trip.com | Acquired by Skyscanner


  • Elevator Fund | Active

    Elevator provides its startups with capital, mentorship and sponsorship as well as accounting, legal and communication specialists to bridge the gap between these companies and the global market and accelerate the startups to a stage where they are ready to receive additional investments.

  • ironSource | Active

    IronSource’s mission is to make the distribution of software as beneficial and easy as possible cross platform.

  • sProphet | Inactive

    Sprophet is a social gaming platform that offers users a new way to share, participate and make predictions about real sports events.

  • LoFraier | Inactive

    It is a web marketplace for direct purchase from international suppliers in China.

  • Lilu | Inactive

  • Overwolf | Active

    Overwolf allows developers to build great apps for the games they love

  • OnO Apps | Acquired by Matrix

    Mobile dev shop

  • Somoto | IPO 2013

    Somoto has been in the forefront of the internet monetization industry, helping thousands of software developers and website owners to generate income for their traffic.

  • NextVision | IPO 2021

    The company developed a revolutionary technology (patent-pending) for stabilized camera payload systems and recently secured US$ 1 million in its first round of financing.

  • Sabi | Acquired by Urbio

    The company is a new creator of unique health and wellness products designed to improve day-to-day life.


  • The Gifts Project | Acquired by eBay

    The Gifts Project is a social commerce platform that enables users to give and receive group gifts on social networks and ecommerce websites.

  • VoloNet | Acquired by Airband

    The company develops, designs, and markets highly engaging software that adds rich content to social networks communication channels, and is enjoyed by millions of daily active users.

  • facemoods | Acquired by IronSource

    We deliver free emoticons, free smileys and winks to enhance your social network experience. Send your friends funny social network emoticons directly from your chat.


  • Civillius | Inactive

    Civillius was a self-funded venture that developed games that intertwined with web surfing. The company is no longer active.

  • Walyou | Active

  • Odyssey | Inactive

  • LabPixies | Acquired by Google

    LabPixies became a leading provider of personalized web content and technology through quality interactive components (“Gadgets”) for the personalized environment.

  • PicApp | Acquired by Ybrant Digital

    PicApp introduced online publishers and bloggers to a single source for millions of free premium quality pictures. The company later pivoted to an online content discovery network with 30M Monthly visitors.


  • Green Life Café Ltd. | Acquired by Ava Coffee

    The company is an industrial startup (incorporated in 2007), which develops, manufactures and markets an eco-friendly, healthy, alternative premium coffee.

  • Yahadudes | Acquired

    The company develops Jewish educational products for children. It was formed after obtaining angel funding.


  • Vayomar | Active

  • Site-On-Spot | Inactive

    The company’s portfolio of Internet ventures includes Beta Marker, a social network for software enthusiasts, Quotesdaddy and Ads on Spot, an advertising network.


  • PicScout | Acquired by GettyImages