Applying to the Zell Entrepreneurship Program

Acceptance into the Zell program is a five-stage process that begins in the spring semester of students’ second-to-last year, and ends right before the start of their final year of studies. Candidates for the Zell Program must successfully pass an intense and rigorous evaluation process that requires them to demonstrate their unique abilities and experiences through a variety of theoretical and practical measures.

Am I Right for Zell?


We are often asked if there is a formula for the perfect Zell candidate. The short answer is… NO! However, over the years and across the cohorts, we have found that most students demonstrate the following strengths:


  • Demonstrated leadership abilities (in any capacity from scouts to military etc.)
  • Relevant work and project experience, including exposure to entrepreneurship, is again not a prerequisite but does help us gauge your ability to contribute to a team.
  • High academic standing, not a necessity, but we do find it indicative of professionalism and the priority you place on your time.
  • Good command of the English language (speaking, reading, and writing). We are not looking only for native English speakers, but since the program is entirely in English, this is important.
  • Students in extra year (4th year) will have preference over 3rd year students.

Mandatory requirements


  • Zell is designed for undergraduates in their final year of study or the year immediately after their last year to the extent they have not closed their degree.
  • Completion of a course in Fundamentals of Finance (taken no later than the second semester of the application year, it is mandatory for students from all schools except for psychology). This is an absolute must. Not only important on its merit to bring everyone up to speed, but a sign of taking the process seriously and planning ahead for it.
  • Completion of courses in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting are recommended


Is Zell Right for Me?

The Zell Program is not a good fit for most students. It is a combination of rigorous workload, high expectations and self-controlled schedule, high octane team dynamics and many set-backs. Entrepreneurship means many late nights, short weekends and an overall commitment to your team and the program– all of which will invariably conflict with other personal commitments (full-time job, a packed school schedule, family commitments, hobbies, sports or any other serious time constraints you may have). From our experience juggling too many activities means balls will invariably fall.


Important Notice: In accordance with newly instated Provost guidelines, students accepted to special programs outside their faculty field of study, like the Zell program (unless you are studying for a degree in Entrepreneurship at ASE), may only be exempted from a maximum of a sixth of their total credits and still obtain their undergraduate eligibility. This means:


Double Major may have an exemption of a maximum of– 10 Credits


Dual Degree may have an exemption of a maximum of– 15 Credits


Single Degree may have an exemption from maximum of– 20 Credits


All subject to your faculty approval. It is important to also note that Zell study days are Sunday and Wednesday. Any courses in your degree that fall on those days will not be able to be taken to the extent you are accepted to Zell.


Also important notice for Arison students (that are not also ASE students), the Zell program will no longer count as a specialization towards a business management degree. This is the decision of the Arison School, if you have any questions and queries please refer to them.


After all of that, If you are able to commit yourself fully to the program and your future team, then the Zell Program could be just right for you!

Application Process

Acceptance into the program is a three-stage process that begins in the spring semester of students’ second-to-last year, and ends right before the start of their final year of studies

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How to Apply

It is critical to read through the instructions first and follow them carefully

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