• Arad Kotzer

    Arad Kotzer is an extra-year Entrepreneurship and Computer Science student at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship. At the age of 14, he initiated and planned the Green Knesset project. Arad served in the army in four types of troops for almost 7 years. The key positions were: a deputy commander in Sayeret Golani, Product manager in Big Data and computer vision projects in a technology unit. At present, he is a reserve officer in the Alpinist Unit. In addition to being a class representative, he participated in clubs such as the RU Dev Club, Product Hub, and the University Debate Club. Over the last year, he has worked at Credito as a Data Scientist. His work involves developing computer vision projects and calculating credit scores based on machine learning.

  • Arielle Evan

    Arielle is a third year student in the Honors Program of Economics and Entrepreneurship, and is part of the Dean's List. Over the course of her degree, Arielle interned at ironSource, where she gained marketing experience. During her second year, she became a Marketing Manager at an NFT art venture, where she also engaged in business development. Arielle is passionate about sustainability, she was the manager of GreenBiz, the environmental entrepreneurial club at Reichman University and is a member of the Savyon Municipal Environment and Recycling Committee. Arielle served as an Infantry Mortar Instructor in the IDF and following her army service, moved to NYC to launch and manage the first Adika US store. Afterwards, she founded BalanceBoardz- a manufacturer of custom designed balance boards. In her free time, you'll find Arielle running, playing footvolley at the beach, or chilling at a cafe with a friend or a good book.

  • Assaf Roditti

    Assaf Roditti is an extra-year Economics and Business Administration student at the Tiomkin School of Economics. After his IDF service as a commander in Tzanhanim, Assaf’s curiosity about the Online Shopping field led him to open E-commerce B2C businesses. Since 2017, he is working at Razor Labs, a publicly traded AI company. He started as a Salesman and currently working as a Business Development Manager, responsible for developing partnerships with international companies as well as creating strategic penetration plans. Assaf likes to open his day with meditation, and in his free time, he enjoys running, swimming, and reading.

  • Chen Raccah

    Chen is a third-year computer science student at the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science. Chen served as an officer in the IDF's 8200 Unit for over six years. She has led large-scale technology projects to improve core operational tasks which included leading the software development and data science team which also specialized in data engineering and product management. Chen is an expert in solving challenging problems through complex data manipulation and using a variety of software development capabilities. She received the Chief of Staff award for Innovation and several excellence awards. At Reichman University she developed a program for neuroscience research at Ruth Feldman's Laboratory. In her free time, Chen enjoys drawing, reading books, hiking, and experimenting with new technologies.

  • Eden Vilker

    Eden is a third-year student at the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science. Eden has been a project manager at Waze for 3 years ,as part of her role Eden has been managing 3rd party vendors and was overlooking 400 agents in 6 different locations globally. Nowadays Eden works as a Backend developer in S&P global. Eden has served for 3 years in the Air-force as a UAVs flight trainer and was in charge of the integration of new platforms from civil manufacturers to the IDF. In addition to her studies, Eden participated in the CO-OP program as a full stack engineer, was a member in the Dev-Club, the Debate Club and the running team of the university. Eden has also participated in several hackathons and she and her team won the 1st place of the 2022 Equity Hackathon. Eden loves the ocean and everything around it, surfing is her biggest passion , she likes traveling and exploring new destinations and cultures.

  • Elad Ambar

    Elad is an extra-year Entrepreneurship and Computer Science student at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship. During his studies, he co-founded the RU Dev club, which helps students gain skills in Full Stack development and in Data Science. Elad served in 8200 as a Software Developer and at the same time he was one of the managers of the unit's Startupists Forum. After that, worked in Claroty, a cyber security company, as a Senior Full Stack Developer for 3 years. In the latter position he worked within a VC fund, Grove Ventures, as an Investment Associate, where he did Deal Sourcing and participated in Due Diligence processes on startups.

  • Ido Gafinovitz

    Ido is a third-year Computer Science student at the Effi Arazi School of Computer Science. He is also the recipient of the ‘Monday-U’ excellence Scholarship. Ido served as a UAV officer at the IDF Air Force for six years, holding various roles from UAV Operator to Operational Commander. During his studies, Ido also works as a backend developer at Blinkops, a fast growing startup within the field of cloud automation. In his spare time, Ido volunteers as a Team Leader at ‘Pa’amonim’, an organization that guides families with economic difficulties into a financially stabilized life.

  • Jonathan Weber

    Hey! I’m Jonathan Weber. A third year Entrepreneurship and Business Administration student who also takes part in the honors program at the Adelson School of entrepreneurship. Before joining the Zell Program, in addition to his studies, Jonathan was a Product Manager at, in charge of the B2B products at the company. In 2019 he founded Prestige Diamonds, a lab-grown diamonds company that offers sustainable and ecological diamond jewelry. As an extracurricular activity, he managed the ProdcutHub program, a program that trains and educates students on product methodologies and helps students apply for their first role as product managers. He’s an alumnus of the 9900 unit of the IDF's Intelligence Corps. He led a team that planned special operations during my military service and worked closely with teams from various intelligence organizations and countries. Jonathan enjoys playing the piano, playing tennis, practicing yoga, and skiing in his free time.

  • Netta Levy

    Netta is an extra year Entrepreneurship & Computer Science student, and served at the IDF in the intelligence corps as a technical projects-manager. During her time in Reichman University, Netta took part in organizing HACKIDC 2021 and was in charge of recruiting and managing the team of judges and mentors. She worked in Reichman University as a teaching assistant in the Intro to CS course and took part in the RU CS excellence program. During her first year of studies, she established a jewelry brand named Doubletiz which is up and running until today. Later on, she worked as a front-end developer in ZenGo - a cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Osher Shalev

    A third-year Honors Program student in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. For the last ten years, served as a Team Leader and Chief Commander of Operations in the IDF unit "Sayeret Matkal". There, he managed various complex operations with technological emphasis. During his studies, he co-founded a startup named ReShuffle that transformed social media into a learning and development zone for teenagers. Joined F2 'thejunction' program, where they bootstrapped the startup into paid pilots with hundreds of monthly users worldwide while recruiting and managing dozens of employees from all fields. In 2020 was selected for the 2nd cohort of the 'Hoffman-Kofman' Leadership program. These days, he volunteers as a team facilitator of the program for a group of peripheral students. Practice mindfulness and enjoy running, snowboarding, yoga, and audiobooks.

  • Roy Druker

    Roy Druker is an extra-year Computer Science and Entrepreneurship student at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship. He is a recipient of the excellence scholarship. In the IDF, Roy served as a commander at "Yahalom" - a special forces bomb squad unit. After his service, he became a counselor and later a program director at "Camp-Newman", a Jewish Agency camp located at San-Francisco. Roy took an active part in a mentorship program led by the "Yahalom" association and as a part of it he volunteered with at-risk youth. Roy is currently working as an Infrastructure Automation Engineer at Radware. In his free time, he plays volleyball for a semi-professional team.

  • Shani Danino

    Shani is a third-year Business Administrations and Entrepreneurship student at the Raphael Recanati International School. Shani was born and raised in South Africa and at the age of 18 she made aliyah. She served as a lone soldier in the Search and Rescue unit. Today she volunteers at a non-profit organization for Lone Soldiers called Ach Gadol, where she mentors 4 lone soldiers. Soon after completing her army service, Shani began to work at a venture capital, NFX. While working at NFX, she had the opportunity to work closely with portfolio companies and the investment team and assisted the product team with data-analytics. Having grown up in South Africa, Shani often enjoys hiking and traveling and if she isn’t reading or baking she will be practicing yoga or running.

  • Shany Hordan

    Shany is an extra-year Business and Data Analytics student at the Arison School of Business. Shany was born in Israel, and relocated to the USA at the age of 8. During her 3 years at Reichman University, she was an Orientation week Mentor and took an active part in various clubs such as The Consulting Club and ProductHub. Shany served in the Intelligence unit of the Northern Command and as the Head of IT of Unit 9900. During her military service, Shany formed a motivated team and led technological and operational missions. After the Army, Shany worked at a Health-tech startup called FeelBetter, as a DB developer. Last summer, Shany participated in Birthright Israel Excel, a leadership and business program which creates a global lifelong fellowship. Shany worked as a Data Analyst at Amy which focuses on empowering business interactions. In her free time, Shany enjoys running, painting, traveling, skiing, and spending time with her family.

  • Vlad Karlinsky

    Vlad is an extra-year student of Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. A former Co-Founder of an IoT startup, he is also a proud member of the momentum accelerator community. Vlad served as a combat squad leader in a special operations unit during his IDF service before specializing in web and mobile application development. In his last position, Vlad was a Mobile SDK Engineer at, an organization involved in promoting software adoption.

  • Yaly Levy

    Yaly is an extra-year Psychology and Business Student at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, and the Arison School of Business. Yaly grew up in Maryland, and made Aliyah to Israel at the age of 18. She participated in a Pre-Military leadership program at Kibbutz "Kfar Hanasi". Afterwards, Yaly served in the army as a lone soldier, as an Intelligence and Patrol Infantry Instructor. Throughout her studies at Reichman University, Yaly participated in multiple clubs, including Artemis, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Club. In addition to her studies, Yaly began working at WalkMe, as a Solution Engineer. Yaly also volunteers at ERAN, providing Emotional First Aid services by phone. Swimming is one of Yaly’s passions; growing up she was a competitive swimmer, and today she continues to train and compete with Masters swim teams. She is a certified Swim Instructor, and teaches at Total Immersion. During her free time she enjoys learning languages; currently Spanish, creating art, dabbling in Piano, and walking her dog, Yumi, by the beach.

  • Yaniv Steinberg

    Yaniv is an extra-year student of Computer Science at the Effi Arazi School of Computer Science. He has been ranked among the top 3 in his class Dean’s list, received the “Connect” merit Scholarship, and participated in the Computer Science Honors Program. Yaniv is currently working as a software engineer intern at Microsoft, where he is developing solutions for large-scale data flows and logging abilities, as part of the Azure Cloud Monitor. Previously, he initiated a coding-for-kids business, which followed his IDF service as a commander in a special forces unit. Yaniv had also combined between volunteering and technological knowledge as a participant of the "Atid Plus" NPO, where he served as a mathematics tutor and mentored an FLL Robotics team at an underprivileged youth community.