"We live in a time of technological advancement unprecedented in human history. The ethical, legal and social implications of these new and innovative technologies are non-trivial. Above all, they require an open mind to the possibilities and promises of human advancement."

The Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to examine the legal, ethical and social challenges of new and disruptive technologies. The overarching goal of the program is to empower undergraduate students to actively contribute to the public discourse on this issues, with an ultimate purpose of influencing academic scholarship, shaping public policy and even drafting laws and regulations.


Program Details

  • Interact closely with industry leaders, government officials and NGOs.
  • Educate and inform the public on issues associated with disruptive technologies through developing symposiums, round table discussions, workshops and conferences.
  • Examine the legal, ethical and social aspects relating to new and emerging technologies.
  • Publish position papers, formulate amicus briefs and draft relevant statutes.
  • Off campus activities including supplementary tours to various organizations, start-ups, government offices and companies across Israel.

  • A year-long English program
  • 11 Credits – 4 credits are granted for academic coursework and 4 additional credits for a student project. Furthermore, 3 extra credits for a technology workshop are counted towards students GPA but are not counted towards your required courses.
  • Two academic courses.
  • Three additional hands-on workshops providing students with powerful tools and training to support their academic studies are a Writing Skills Workshop, a Podcast Workshop, and a Presentation Skills Workshop
  • A guided student research project in which students gain practical experience.
  • A Technologies Workshop that hosts guest speakers bi-weekly, comprising local and international experts in a number of fields, such as technology, law, science and ethics.
Zoe Corin
Class of 2018

"The Zvi Meitar Program introduced me to the newest, most fascinating emerging technologies and opened up doors for me that I didn't even know existed. It was by far the highlight of my time at the IDC"

Roy Meirom
Class of 2016

"Take 15 brilliant people, put them in a room with technology's greatest unforeseen obstacles, and great things are bound to happen. The Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program has been one of the highlights of my studies at IDC."

Or Briga
Class of 2017

"I gained knowledge, practical tools and hands-on-experience on legal, ethical and social concerns associated with new and emerging technologies."

Limmor Kfiri
Class of 2016

"The program presented me with unique research methods that have become invaluable to me. The exposure to new educational opportunities, inspirational leaders and role models, was simply unrivaled and has helped propel me forward both academically and professionally. "

Ariella Lazan
Class of 2016

"I can honestly say that the Zvi Meitar program was the favorite part of my degree, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge. it doesn’t matter if you’re a law student or not you have a lot to learn from this program."