Tours and Off-Campus Activities

The Zvi Meitar program arranges a number of on and off-campus activities every year, including tours and team-building events. Students are encouraged, with the support of the Zvi Meitar program, to reach out to leading figures in the industry and government and to meet with them off campus.

  • Zvi Meitar Institute Strengthens Ties with Berkeley Law Students

    Students from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall), visited the Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program and travel to Tel Aviv for a tour of Microsoft Accelerator at WeWork.

  • Team Building Activity – Class of 2017

    The students enjoyed a team building activity as they worked together building a one-meter tall functioning crane - out of Lego. It was challenging, but the students did some very impressive work.

  • Team Building Activity – Class of 2016

    The students enjoyed a team buiilding activity as they made their way out of escape rooms and had a discussion about team work and "out of the box" thinking.

  • Visit to The Time Incubator

    Zvi Meitar students visited The Time Incubator in Tel-Aviv, which invests in and offers professional guidance to early stage innovative start-ups in the areas of telecommunications, internet, media and entertainment.

  • Farewell Event – Class of 2016

    Students had the privilege to attend a discussion on "Autonomous Cars" with Dr. Shay Sofer, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Transportation, and to cook together a special meal.

  • Visit to Rise Accelerator

    The program visited the Rise Accelerator, a Barclay's hub focused on financial technologies and to meet two young companies that are part of of Rice Accelerator's portfolio.

  • Tour to Microsoft Accelerator

    The students had the opportunity to explore innovation and get a first-hand appreciation of the Israeli start-up ecosystem. Students attended a joint lecture by Adi Diamant, director of Microsoft Technology Labs in Israel and Addy Santo, CTO of Microsoft Accelerator.

  • Visit to IBM Watson

    Zvi Meitar Students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi, the Senior Manager of IBM Watson for Health and Informatics, who explained the roles that Watson Health will have in making healthcare more accessible and medical research easier to conduct.

  • Tour to SU-PAD (3D Printing Firm)

    Students took a tour to the leading Israeli 3D printing firm, SU PAD, and met with its VP Sales & Marketing, Mr. Ziv Sade, to hear about the various applications of 3D printing.

  • Visit to JVP

    Students of the Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program visited Jerusalem Venture Partners’ (JVP) Media Quarter in Jerusalem, and toured the JVP Media Labs, a successful technology and digital media startup incubator. The students met with Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, partner at JVP, who spoke passionately about JVP’s ideology and strategy for supporting young startups.

  • Students Take the Lead at Arizona State University

    Zvi Meitar students were invited to present their yearly research papers at the Fourth Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics at Arizona State University.