The Lea and Naftali Ben-Yehuda Accessibility & Study Skill Center assists students recognized by the dean of students as students with learning issues and attention deficit disorders, students with physical, emotional, sensory, or cognitive disabilities, and students that are dealing with a temporary or permanent medical issue that has functional repercussions to studying.

*Request for accommodations must be submitted at least 90 days before the beginning of the semester to the accessibility center:   09-9602738

*The web site is updated from time to time, for any questions please contact

Omer Stavitzki
Harry Radzyner Law School, Laouder School of Government, Diplomacy and strategy

"First of all, the accessibility center helped me believe in myself! And make order with the academic issues. Believe, make an effort, everything is possible!"

Binyamin Izenberg
Laouder School of Government, Diplomacy and strategy, School of sustainability Founded by Israel Corp., ICL&ORL

"The accessibility center helped believe in myself"

Matan Israeli
Arison School of Business, Tiomkin School of Economics

"I got a guidance and explanation regularly, assistive technology and tutoring from an excellent student"

Omri Robner
Sammy Ofer school of Communications, M.A at Laouder School of Government, Diplomacy and strategy

"The accessibility center really helped me to fit in on campus, with close help from the center stuff"

Din Oppenheim
Arison School of Business

"The tools that I got, really helped me cope with my academic challenges"