Dear Students

Established in 1994, IDC Herzliya, recently renamed Reichman University, regards its students as partners in an ambitious academic endeavor which places students at the center of the academic institution.


As a leading global academic establishment, Reichman University pioneered its way as the first private, non-profit institute of higher education in Israel.


Reichman University achieves success by combining an interdisciplinary academic approach with a strong connection to the student body. This provides a solid foundation for research excellence, a continuous development of new programs and cutting edge innovation in teaching.


Established first and foremost for its students, Reichman University has evolved whilst maintaining the students' best interests at heart. We are committed to maintaining direct contact with our students, high levels of personal treatment, satisfaction and an open door policy that all university staff are available and accessible to all students. This commitment is reflected in every step of the student experience including the admissions process, campus dormitories, academic curriculum, extracurricular activities, internship opportunities and job placement assistance provided both during the school year and post-graduation via the alumni network.


In addition to the excellent academic level on offer, students enjoy a myriad of other opportunities at Reichman University. These include access to a world-renowned entrepreneurship program, community service activities, research programs, sports, honors programs, collaborations with leading experts and an ever-growing rich social and cultural life.


Additionally, students gain a truly international experience studying alongside peers from over 90 different countries on campus. Whether students continue to live in Israel or move abroad, the University offers an unrivaled educational experience and powerful professional network for life.


Reichman University's motto of "freedom and responsibility" guides both the education and practical tools on offer. Together these equip students to grapple with the many challenges of today's world through innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and flexibility. Staying true to its foundation, Reichman University achieves all it does while also maintaining a strong commitment to Zionism and social responsibility.


On behalf of the University, I encourage you, the students, to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities available to you – all you have to do is follow your dreams and choose your path. The academic and administrative faculty will do everything they can to help.


I am pleased that you have chosen to start your journey with us at Reichman University and I wish you academic excellence and success.


Welcome to the Reichman University family!


Dr. Ayelet Ben Ezer
CEO & Vice President