The Dean of Student Affairs at Reichmans University is the entity entrusted with the students' welfare, and its responsibility is to provide the support and assistance the students require so that they may focus on their academic experience as Reichman University students. The Dean of Student Affairs staff assists in providing solutions to personal, social and economic problems and you are invited to enjoy the wide range of services offered
  • Scholarships & Loans

    Financial Aid for B.A. Students

  • Psychological Counseling Services

    The goal of the psychological counseling services is to provide for the welfare of the students concerning academic and psychological issues

  • Students with Learning Disabilities

    Reichman University helps students with learning issues complete their studies successfully

  • Accessibility & Study Skills Center

    for students with Learning Issues and Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Accommodations for Special Populations

    The Interdisciplinary Center is aware of the needs of the special populations and thus provides accommodations to assist and facilitate students.

  • Reserve Service Coordinating Committee

    for those who want to appeal to the Reserve Service Coordinating Committee

  • Community Service

  • Israel@heart

    The leadership program for Reichman University students from the Ethiopian community

  • Student Ombudsman

    This procedure is designated to ensure that students have the opportunity to complain when they feel that their cases were not handled in accordance with the Academic Regulations

  • Shoval Project

    The Shoval Project is a study program for integrating people with cognitive impairment in academic institutions.

  • Kulna

    The "Kulna" program was established at the Interdisciplinary Center to address the challenges facing students from the Israeli Arab society