Community Service

Reichman University has made a commitment to promote the resilience of the State of Israel and thus, alongside academic excellence the Reichman University places great significance on social involvement and community service. Therefore, BA students who participate in social involvement/community service activities are eligible for two academic credits for social responsibility, once during their BA degree.

  • ​Please note: some of the projects are not intended for students who are not proficient in Hebrew

The activities can be performed in the framework of one of the following programs:

  • CLYF - Financial education for teenagers

    Our organization is promotes the development of good financial habits at an early age, which will lead to economic success in the future.

  • Courts (For Law Students Only)

    Students provide aid to citizens while gaining practical experience.

  • Third Generation for the Elderly

    The aim of the project is to make technology accessible to the elderly.

  • "Derech Haedgar and Derech Hagalim"

    Centers for education and empowerment through extreme sports for youth

  • ​Tutoring at the English Writing Center

    Training as tutors of the students in the center.

  • PUSH

    The Push Association (which works towards equality) has an array of volunteers who serve as tutors for children who need assistance.

  • The "Keren Or" Mentorship Program

    “Mentoring students who are in their first year of studies in the Keren Or program, studying computer science / Economics & Entrepreneurship/ Business & Accounting”

  • ESRA

    Our goal is to assist the weaker populations and new immigrants to integrate in the Israeli society.

  • Tzemach

    We train students who go to junior high schools to give weekly lessons as part of encounters with the youth which include enriching discussions held on burning issues in Israeli society.

  • ​SpaceIL

    This association aspires to land the first Israeli spaceship on the moon in the international framework of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition

  • Migdalor

    The Preparatory Program has set a goal to close the gaps in the Israeli society by empowering and strengthening the participants' feeling of belonging to the State of Israel and to the Israeli society.

  • Back to Society

    The students will aid in assisting released prisoners integrate in their places of work and will accompany the prisoners in the complex release process.

  • Lev Ohev

    The 100 Hearts Project has set a goal to improve the life of children by means of activities with individuals and with communities.

  • Shoval Project

    The Shoval Project is a study program for integrating people with cognitive impairment in academic institutions.

  • She Codes

    She Codes; is a community of women with the goal of reaching 50% female software developers in the Israeli high-tech industry within a decade.

  • Nobel Laureates for Excellence in Education

    Activities focus on raising motivation for studying science & Technology.

  • OneDay

    Volunteer on a one-off basis in a way that is both significant in meaning but without a long-term commitment.

  • Paamonim

    Paamonim is a nationwide volunteer organization dedicated to helping families and individuals conduct their household finances with balance, responsibility and integrity.