Dean's Welcome


Dear Students,

Reichman University, the students, at the center and offers you a challenging and satisfying study experience.

The period of studies at Reichman University will be a significant period for you, a period in which you develop and advance as well as encounter new challenges, and we, the Dean of Student Affairs staff and I myself, are here to facilitate and assist in solving problems that emerge throughout the course of your studies.


The Dean of Student Affairs' activities include providing aid and psychological counseling services, scholarships, assistance for students with special populations and the handling of issues concerning students with learning disabilities, students with special needs, students who are in military reserves and more.


Moreover the Dean of Student Affairs is entrusted with the development and nurturing of social responsibility among RU students. Students who are interested in taking an active part in significant social community services may do so through the Dean of Student Affairs and they will receive 2 social responsibility credits. Furthermore, we are pleased to advance new community service initiatives introduced by RU students and to integrate them in the social responsibility activities at the center.


You are invited to contact me concerning any of these matters.
For this purpose I have imparted an open door policy whereby my door is open every Thursday between 10:00-12:00. The meetings held during this time frame are to allow us to become personally acquainted and this policy reflects how I perceive you, the students, AS full-fledged partners in the activities and experience at the center.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Adi Koll
Dean of Student Affairs