The "Kulna" program was established at the Reichman University to address the challenges facing students from the Israeli Arab society.

The program bestows the students tools and skills both in the academic (study and logistics) and the social spheres. "Kulna" strives to create a feeling of belonging and opportunities to integrate and succeed at the university and in Israeli society. The transition from high school to academy is significant for every young individual in the State of Israel, but for young individuals in the Arab society the transition may start with cultural shock as a result of the differences in age, language and culture.

The "Kulna" program was founded with the aim of easing the process of entering and integrating in academy and creating a more meaningful and broad experience for each student despite the initial gap.

The program includes students from more advanced years to be mentors, who are active academically and socially with students of the Arab society in order to facilitate their entrance into the academic world in their first year of studies. Through group meetings and individual mentoring, the freshman students acquire skills, learning strategies and additional tools to cope with the challenges they encounter.

The program entitles the mentoring students 2 academic credits.

Clarification: Students who have previously received credits for social activities will not be entitled to credits.

For further information: kulna.a.idc@gmail.com