​Appeals to Accommodations Granted for Learning Disabilities or ADHD



  • Appeals to decisions regarding exam accommodations can only be submitted after accommodations have been officially granted. Appeals concerning late submission of documents will not be considered.
  • The appeal will be considered by a special appeals committee convened on behalf of the University. The committee will consist of a representative of the Dean of Student’s office, a representative of the Psychological Counseling Center, and one more representative appointed by the University.
  • Students must appeal no later than 15 days after receiving the official letter approving accommodations sent to their university email accounts. The student must provide a clear explanation and justification for the appeal.
  • International students can have the appeals form sent to them by contacting hatamot@idc.ac.il. For students from the Israeli program, instructions can be found on the Hebrew website by following this link.
  • Students who wish to be present at the appeals committee meeting must note this on the appeals form. Students may also be accompanied by one representative to speak on their behalf, but this too must be noted on the appeals form. The date and place of the committee meeting will be sent to the student by email. If the student does not show up to this meeting, a decision will be made in his/her absence.
  • Please note that the committee will be authorized to reconsider all the accommodations already approved and may change the initial decision in any direction.

The committee's ruling whether to accept or reject the appeal, and/or to make changes to the original decision, will be sent to the student by email and will be final.