Shoval project



The Shoval Project is a study program for integrating people with cognitive impairment in academic institutions, designated to bestow a feeling of capability and to promote equal opportunity in cooperation with Reichman University and Israel Elwyn.

People with intellectual disabilities (ID) suffer from stigmas and negative stereotypes, sometimes leading to their exclusion from the public sphere and discrimination in various areas. The project is designed to enable people with ID to study in an the academy, while creating for the participants a cognitive challenge along with experiential enrichment. More so, Shoval promotes social inclusion and social integration of the participants in the project in the campus, and is managed and operated voluntarily by students from various schools who function as teachers and mentors.

Each year, Shoval holds two sessions, one in each semester, with 15 students with ID. Each semester, 10 meetings are held each week, in which academic fields are taught in the fields of law, communications and psychology, as well as practical skills in the use of computer applications, English and financial management.

Students volunteer in the project in two main tracks: the first, Teachers track - to teach academic and practical content during the meetings. The second, is the Mentor track - personal guidance of the participants in the project, and assistance in the learning process and in the process of adaptation and entrance to the campus.

The project was established as part of the Rabin Leadership Program in 2018.



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