Student Ombudsman


This procedure is designated to ensure that students have the opportunity to complain when they feel that their cases were not handled in accordance with the Academic Regulations, their rights were violated or they were not treated properly by the administrative or the academic staff at Reichman University.


The Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs serves as the Student Ombudsman at Reichman University



  • Every student at RU is entitled to file a complaint to the Student Ombudsman who is authorized to investigate the complaints.
  • The Student Ombudsman will check and investigate each complaint received and will respond to the student who has filed the complaint.
  • The Student Ombudsman is entitled to submit recommendations to any authorized entity at the Interdisciplinary Center.
  • Once a year the Student Ombudsman will submit a report to the President of RU which will include an account of the activities conducted in order to investigate the complaints filed that year.


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