Examination Department

The Reichman University Examination Department works in planning, organizing and developing the set of exams throughout your studies as a student


  • Supervising the entire examination process – collecting the exam from the lecturer, verifying the lecturer's presence on campus during exam time, preparing copies of the exam for students, assigning students to exam classes, transferring exams to the exam controller, online response to technical and academic issues during exam time
  • Taking care of students entitled to special exam conditions and students with special needs – in conjunction with RU Herzliya's psychologist, Ms. Ruth Riesel and the Dean of Student Affairs

  • Scheduling and implementation of the MOED GIMEL exams.
  • Course Feedback Procedures – At the end of each semester the Examinations Department distributes feedback questionnaires on all courses and lecturers to RU students.
  • Collection and preparation for review of weekly papers, term papers and seminars. Distribution of reviewed assignments to the students. Assistance to lecturers in photocopying teaching material. Scanning examinations to the students’ personal website.



Zehavit Loostiger Levi

Head of Exams and Papers Administration

Hayuta Ben-Yakov

Havazelet Danoch

Liora Dgbli

Lili Valik

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