Digital Marketing Club


Especially today in the Covid-19 era we understand the need to be present digitally - if you aren't there you simply do not exist.

As technology changes at such a rapid pace so does consumer culture and when consumer culture changes marketing laws should be similar. We have reached the point that every business must present itself online to remain relevant and to be exposed to more and more target audiences.

The Digital Marketing Club provides students with knowledge and practical tools in the field of digital marketing. Students will be exposed to a wide range of components in the digital world, from content creation to promotion and advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. Students will gain hands-on experience alongside learning theoretical material from leading digital marketing professionals and will eventually join a community of club alumni. 

The club is relevant to students who are interested in studying digital marketing, entrepreneurs and private business owners who are interested in promoting their business digitally.



Important details:

Club language: Hebrew

Tuesdays 19:45-21:00 

Application dates: 27/10-03/11



Facebook: Digital Marketing Club - IDC Student Union