Praxis Club

The name Praxis in ancient Greek means practice. The club, as its name implies, will combine practical and theoretical knowledge, in everything related to the business world and the legal world with an emphasis on cooperation between them.

Participation in the club will provide unique exposure to possible conflicts and processes in company formation, mergers and acquisitions, IPO's, fundraising, cooperation between military and civilian technologies and more.

The participants will get to take part in a series of fascinating lectures and workshops from senior executives in the local and global market. The meetings will be led by investors, lawyers, and partners in leading firms in Israel and around the world. Students will acquire the practical tools and theoretical knowledge necessary for any successful entrepreneur or any position holder in the business and legal world.

Participants who will take part in the club will be given the opportunity to participate in the club's highlights, one is a lecture from a recognized key figure in the international business world and the other is tackling real case study analysis while applying all the tools acquired during the semester

Important details:

Club language: Hebrew

Mondays 19:15-20:30

Application dates:18/10-31/10