The ProWoman program is home to female students who wish to become future managers, entrepreneurs and influencers in the fields of economy, high-tech, governance and social activity in the Israeli economy and society. The program comprises weekly meetings with leading women who hold senior and influential positions from all sectors of the Israeli economy.

Those leaders share their personal success stories, talk about combining a professional career with family life and expose students to initiatives, social-public activities and various management positions. 

The goal of the meetings is to enable exposure to successful women across a varied spectrum, hear their stories, obtain organizational and managerial tools for future use, personally move forward and enjoy a rich source of information, inspiration and motivation for action.

After graduating the program, all students join the national ProWoman alumni, thus joining all previous graduates from all campuses that host the program. The alumni organization holds events, lectures and workshops throughout the year, intended for graduates of the program only, thus maintaining networking which sets the ground for future cooperation.

Graduates and undergraduates from all classes are invited to apply, pending screening. The program is run during the second semester only. Notice will be published to announce registration dates, during the first semester. 


Important details:

 Club language: Hebrew

Second Semester, Mondays 18:00-21:00

Application dates: 29/11-19/12



Facebook: ProWoman