Sales Club


Are you interested in specializing in persuading people? Do you want to know how to develop a sales strategy? What to say and not to say in a meeting with a potential client?

In the Student Union Sales Club we train students without prior experience for work in the sales world, encouraging success for students who are already involved in sales, persuasion, and most importantly contributing to the community with the club. 

Sales and persuasion is neither a natural talent nor an inherent ability, the knowledge of these techniques and practice of such skills can make a simple person a master in daily interactions.

The club consists of 7 sessions where in each session, club members receive theoretical guidance from external lecturers and industry experts on different subjects, sales tactics, and methods of persuasion. Additionally, each session will hold practical exercises.


Important details:

Club language: Hebrew

Mondays 18:00-21:00

Application dates: 18/10-01/11



Facebook: Sales Club - IDC Student Union