Tzemach - Zionism, leadership, and education (registered Amuta), is a project aimed to create a caring, involved, contributive and perceptive society.


We train students who go to junior high schools to give weekly lessons as part of encounters with the youth which include enriching discussions held on burning issues in Israeli society and among youth in particular, all by technological means.


The students will be able to bestow the youth the ability to develop critical thought, curiosity and awareness and make tools accessible to the youth that will help them cope in the society while providing them with an abundance of choices. The students are part of the target community of Tzemach and will enjoy unique enrichment contents and fascinating lectures from entrepreneurs and educators.


As part of the process the junior high school students created a community service project in order to connect them to the reality surrounding them that perhaps they would not have been exposed to in the past.


Our lessons include: Active presence and curiosity, belonging, involvement, independent thought and the liberty to be me.


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Shira Ben Shimon

Phone: +972509274546

Personal Email: shirabenshi@gmail.com

Email for CV and etc: tzemach512@gmail.com