Cross-border pride: Mai Texerman & Eleanor Cohen made it to the 2019 European Debate Championships in Athens!

18 September

School of Sustainability

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Christopher Hitchens once said: “Time spent arguing is, oddly enough, almost never wasted.” Even though Debate is all about conflicting perspectives and different points of view, most - if not all – debaters would agree with this quote.

While most students were starting their summer vacations on the beach, representatives from the Reichman University and RRIS Debate Club flew to Athens to compete in the 2019 European Debate Championships. After a semester-long class, motions about robotic warfare, workshops on how to ask a good question and free time spent researching the Nordic Council among so many other topics, the teams headed to the airport ready to fight – sorry – debate!

Among them, Mai Texerman and Eleanor Cohen, our brightest students from the "Sustainability & Government" track in both the International and the Israeli school, made us proud by participating in this prestigious event that gathers students from all around the world.


Mai Texerman, in her second-year in the Rephael Recanati International School, didn’t come with the intention of winning but with the drive to understand the world a little better.

“There is no academic experience quite like having a pair from Null (Northern City of England) explain how their small and cold city feels about Brexit, or having a team from The United Arab Emirates tell an anecdote about rounds of airport security in Abu Dhabi taking selfies with an Israeli passport”, she shared with enthusiasm.

Regarding her unique experience, she explained that "through debating, you get to think on your feet and hear counter-arguments that force you to change your perspective. But through socializing with debaters from all over Europe who care about what’s going on around them and seek to find the logical links of the human condition, the world seems just a bit smaller".

She added that "with the Amazon forests burning, the ongoing trade-wars, the upcoming elections in both Israel and the United-States, we have to remember it’s not about who sounds the smartest or can have the best quote in a room - it’s about finding the truth behind every topic, having a principle so strong that any nation can unite behind it and work together as a global community, identifying with the struggles of those around them and finding the best solutions to make our planet - and our world - a better place".

After such an enriching and inspiring week, Mai and Eleanor both encourage every student to give it a try and join the Reichman University Debate Club: "If you still hesitate, we will be more than happy to meet you in the annual fair to share our unique experience and help you decide".

Because helping one-another is at the core of the Sustainability School's principles, as we are more than just a school - We are a growing family!