Reichman University is the 2021-2022 ASA champion

07 August

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After ten months of competition, Reichman University has been proclaimed the Academic Sport Association (ASA) champion for 2021-2022

Reichman University has been ranked first out of 30 academic institutions in the Academic Sport Association (ASA)’s general ranking. After two years during which the university’s sporting activities faced many challenges due to the pandemic, this year the sports department succeeded in re-establishing 30 teams, made up of students from all of the university’s schools, competing in 30 different sports. A total of about 300 students are active in the sports department, about 120 of whom are women.


Reichman University strives to develop the next generation of leaders, not only through academic excellence, but also through the development of qualities such as perseverance, determination, and contribution to the community, which are an inherent part of playing sports. To this end, the sports department allows students to volunteer and participate in a variety of sports activities. Throughout the campus, one can observe a wide range of athletes from a variety of different disciplines, from amateurs to Olympic medalists such as Ori Sasson, Sagi Muki, Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko, Matan Roditi and others.


The sports department is a home away from home for Reichman University’s student athletes. They perform volunteer activities and receive professional and academic support. This assistance helps them to continue to pursue their studies while representing the university through participation on its many teams.


The ASA was established in 1952 to raise awareness about sports and physical activity among students and academics. The organization is active in about 30 different sports in more than 20 institutions of higher education in Israel, and competes in international competitions. The annual highlight of the organization’s calendar is the ASA Championship in Eilat, attended by approximately 2,500 athletes from Israel and the world. This year, Reichman University sent a delegation of 170 students from all of its teams.


Ilan Kowalsky, CEO of the Sports Department, says, “We at the Sports Department are thrilled about these achievements, and this is an opportunity to thank everyone who supported us and helped us realize these triumphs and represent Reichman University with pride. The Sports Department is made up of many staff members and students who volunteer as managers, coaches and tutors. Now, we are looking ahead to next year – it's one thing to get to first place, but staying there is another story.”


Among Reichman University’s impressive achievements are:

1. Women's swim team - 1st place
2. Judo team - 1st place
3. Men's futsal - 1st place
4. Men's basketball - 1st place
5. Women's catchball - 1st place
6. Men's handball - 1st place
7. Men's windsurfing - 1st place
8. Women overall- 2nd place
9. Men overall - 1st place


Sharon Lachman Reich, manager of the sports teams, says, “Reichman University has always been ‘on the map’ of elite sport. Even as a student athlete, I remember my longing for the podium and my ambition to win. This stemmed from my pride in being a part of Reichman University. Today, as the manager of the university’s sports teams, I am proud to continue the legacy and bring student sports to new heights. None of this could have happened without Ilan Kowalsky’s masterful leadership of this great and complex endeavor, and of course the students themselves, who are exceptional and wonderful people!”