Strengthening the Startup Nation

06 May

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Students who register to IDC Herzliya will now be able to choose an undergraduate dual-degree program in entrepreneurship with a computer science degree. The new program is based on the great success of the unique programs for entrepreneurship at IDC: the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and the Media Innovation Lab (miLab)

The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya is the first academic institution in Israel to receive the approval of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) to open a dual-degree undergraduate program in entrepreneurship. The program will provide students, -young entrepreneurs - a combination of knowledge and understanding in computer science with theoretical and practical tools for realizing their ideas and aspirations in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

The CHE approval is in addition to the previous approval given a few months ago, for the opening of a dual-degree program in entrepreneurship and business administration, both of which will open in the coming academic year - in October 2017.

IDC Herzliya was the first institution of higher education in Israel to develop training programs for entrepreneurship, 16 years ago. The success of these programs, led by the flagship Zell Entrepreneurship Program, has inspired them to develop similar programs in leading institutions in the USA and continues to generate interest worldwide. Over the years, dozens of Zell-born ventures have matured, and some have been purchased for hundreds of millions of USD, such as Somoto, PicScout, wibiya, and The Gifts Project. Based on this experience the pioneering Adelson School of Entrepreneurship was established.

In the framework of the Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, the students will study theoretical studies in the fields of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, in addition to conducting research projects, initiating and planning projects, meetings with leading figures in high-tech and entrepreneurship.


"The new program," explained Dr. Yossi Maaravi, deputy dean at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, "provides students with technological skills and knowledge, along with practical experience in entrepreneurship - a combination that will provide them with a strong foundation in establishing technological ventures or initiating such projects within organizations. Academic education in this field".