“Coffee with Alumni”: Students and alumni talk about life after graduation

22 March

Alumni Association

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The “Coffee with Alumni” program is the result of a collaboration between the Student Union and the Alumni Association, and its goal is to create a shared discourse directly between students and alumni about life after the degree. Alumni who have accumulated knowledge and experiences take the opportunity to pass these on and to guide the students who are inundated with information, offers and opportunities. The program includes intimate meetings and open discourse between students and alumni in order to guide, hone, enable open and sincere discourse, give personal and professional advice and reach joint insights on the dilemmas and challenges the students are, or will, experience.


The 24 alumni and 65 students participating in the program joined its opening session last week. Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, opened the meeting and said, “Initiatives of this kind are like long-term savings, and we are offering students a good opportunity to learn and understand what awaits them down the road. I wish that there had been someone who could answer questions when I was a student and help solve many of the dilemmas even before they happened.”


Shir Wagner and Yael Zur, the alumni leading the program on behalf of the Alumni Association, and Dr. Yael Elraz-Shapira, the program’s academic advisor, offered the participating alumni guidance and provided them with applicable tools for mentoring the student group.


Rotem Nishlis Kogel, Director of Business Development and Fundraising: “We are confident that students will leave this program with a new toolbox for life, connections and opportunities that will help them down the road, as well as develop in it a special relationship with an alumnus / alumnae. The program was built on the basis of one of the Association’s goals – to form meaningful and relevant connections within the ever-growing Reichman University community.”