Energy, Climate Change and Society

19 May

School of Sustainability

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Energy, Climate Change and Society
By Dr. Yael Parag

Around one billion people around the globe today are still not connected to the electricity grid, thus providing sustainable energy has become one of the top priorities of the international community, as stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goal #7.


The World Energy Council defines sustainable energy systems based on three core dimensions: energy security, energyequity, and environmental sustainability. These three goals constitute a 'trilemma', entailing complex interwoven links between competing goals, public and private actors, governments and regulators, economic and social factors, national resources, environmental concerns, individual behaviors and more.


In the course 'Energy, Climate Change and Society', students are introduced to the energy trilemma, including its national and international aspects. The course focuses in particular on ensuring energy security while transitioning to a sustainable, low carbon energy system.


In a world where electricity is becoming as important as food or water, we are giving our students the indispensable tools to understand these ongoing processes and take them into consideration in their future careers as leaders.