Undergraduate Programs in English

24 September

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Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya
opens its undergraduate programs in English

IDC Herzliya, one of the world's leading academic institutions for entrepreneurial education, is opening a unique double major undergraduate program. This degree is the first of its kind in Israel and will be offered in the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, an innovative center in the Israeli academic landscape that strives to promote both research and practice in the field of entrepreneurship in Israel. The school is headed by Prof. Yair Tauman and deputy dean, Dr. Yossi Maaravi.


The Undergraduate Programs in Entrepreneurship allow the option of choosing a double major with either Computer Science or Business. Courses include: venture creation; innovative technology; strategic thinking; hands-on training in building innovative technological prototypes; and more. Projects are mentored by leading figures from the industry with an emphasis on excellence in research, education, social responsibility and teamwork. Preeminent researchers and experts from Israel and the world will be lecturing.


The goal of the Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship is to provide our students with the knowledge and tools needed to realize their entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations.


Adelson School of Entrepreneurship​ | photo by: Amit Giron​



The double major program in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science prepares its graduates to successfully address the analytical and technical challenges they will face in their future work; the team work and business environment in which they will be expected to operate; and all the aspects of starting up new innovative businesses or new projects within organizations. The program incorporates in-depth theoretical study, current practices and practical experience in developing an initiative.


• The curriculum addresses this critical moment in the history of computer science, a time in which it is clearly apparent that technological development is changing the patterns of our work, leisure and life.


• Alongside the familiar and established content of the computer science program, students will experience the stages of the entrepreneurial process as expressed both in practice and research:


* identifying opportunities and raising innovative ideas

* defining the required resources for implementing an idea, locating and obtaining them

* developing a business model and establishing the initiative or project

* developing the initiative and expanding it to the point of an operational and profitable business or to the point of exit


• The program prepares its graduates for a career in technology and software development and business entrepreneurship. For those who wish to pursue an academic career, the program provides them with a strong foundation for advanced graduate and doctoral degrees.


• Preeminent lecturers and researchers from the fields of technological innovation, business and social entrepreneurship will teach in the program, alongside experts from the industry, entrepreneurs and investors.


• The program will provide students with practical tools and skills for building prototypes of innovative technological products, as well as for designing a business plan with the guidance of leading mentors from the Israeli startup community, entrepreneurs and investors.


• Alumni of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science go on to work in global companies and to study in graduate programs in universities in Israel and abroad.

• Students will be offered exchange programs with universities around the world.