First Ph.D. granted by Reichman University

24 January

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At a celebratory event, the first of its kind to be held at Reichman University, it was announced that Adv. Eyal Brook is the first person to receive a doctorate from Reichman University. At the event, Adv. Brook presented and defended his doctoral dissertation on “Musical Authorship in the Digital and Algorithmic Age.” The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Lior Zemer, dean of the Harry Radzyner Law School. Adv. Brook presented his research to members of the examination committee, Radzyner Law School faculty, and leading researchers in the field.



The event was opened by Prof. Uriel Reichman, founding president and chairman of the Board of Directors of Reichman University, who proclaimed, “This is a milestone, one that asserts that we are not only authorized to award Ph.D.s, but that we do, in fact, award Ph.D.s.”


He was followed by Prof. Rafi Melnick, president of the university, who said, “This is a historic day for Reichman University. Our university is on the verge of conferring its first Ph.D. A doctor produced by Reichman University.”



Prof. Lior Zemer, dean of the Harry Radzyner Law School, who supervised the doctorate, said, “It is a great privilege to be standing here today. The word ‘pioneer’ has always defined our university, which was established out of an ideology, the opening of the gates of higher education, a desire to foster among our students an awareness of their abilities while maintaining freedom and responsibility.”




The members of the examination committee included Prof. Andreas Rahmatian of the University of Glasgow School of Law; Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid of the Ono Faculty of Law and Fordham School of Law; Prof. Miriam Markowitz-Bitton of the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law; Prof. Dov Greenbaum, director of the Zvi Meitar Institute at Reichman University’s Harry Radzyner Law School, and Prof. Lior Zemer, dean of the Harry Radzyner Law School.


Adv. Eyal Brook holds an M.Phil. in criminology from the University of Cambridge, and an additional master's degree in law (LL.M) with honors from Tel Aviv University. He also graduated from the University of Warwick with a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B.), and where he was an Organ Scholar.


Adv. Brook lectures on copyrights and the music industry in Israel and abroad, and serves as a guest lecturer at the University of Vienna. He is the founder and owner of a law firm specializing in intellectual property. In the past, he served as a legal advisor to the record company Helicon Music. He is also the co-founder of Scentcom, a start-up company that develops digital scent technology.


Alongside his career in law, Adv. Brook has many years of musical experience in Israel and England; he was the keyboardist for the band “Temporary Sanity,” which released two albums (including the song “The Last Summer”), and has played at many venues in England as an organist.


Upon presenting his dissertation, the members of the committee praised Adv. Brook’s research, declaring it “outstanding.” Following the dissertation defense and the committee’s deliberations, it was decided that Adv. Eyal Brook would be awarded Reichman University’s first Ph.D. degree.