Reichman University graduates once again place first in the qualifying exams in advanced financial accountancy

19 October

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Graduates of the accounting program at Reichman University’s Arison School of Business continue to take the lead in the Ministry of Justice’s Auditors’ Council’s qualifying exam in advanced financial accountancy (Spring 2022)


Reichman University graduates’ pass rate was 100 percent, much higher than the national pass rate of 70 percent – a decrease from last year. Reichman University tops the list, with a significantly higher figure than other institutions, and its pass rate the highest of all of the institutions of higher education in Israel.


Instisution      (*) Pass Rate
Reichman University 100%
Haifa University 89%
Rupin Academic Center 80%
Ben Gurion University of Jerusalem 78%
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 77%
Bar Ilan University 67%
Tel Aviv University 66%


(*) For those taking the exam for the first time


The data were published this morning, Wednesday, by the Auditors’ Council and refer to the scores of the exam held in the spring of 2022.


CPA Shlomi Shuv, head of the accounting program and deputy dean of the Arison School of Business: “I would like to congratulate our graduates, who for several years now have taken the lead of all the institutions of higher education at the national level. This year marks a special achievement – 100 percent of the examinees who took the test for the first time passed it. Our consistent ranking is a testimony to the quality of our graduates. The large gap between us and the other institutions can be seen in the entrepreneurial spirit of our graduates and the extent to which they are pursued in today’s workforce.”


Since its establishment in 2006, the accounting program at Reichman University has been the leading and most influential in Israel. Graduates of the program consistently have the highest pass rates of the certification exams and are in huge demand in the business world. The program’s graduates fulfill the university’s values and goals – the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the desire to effect change burn within them.