IDC Herzliya launches its 25th year of activity

07 August

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IDC Herzliya launches its 25th year of activity


· Record high demand for entrepreneurship studies – the number of students has doubled


· New programs in entrepreneurship, data-science management, and healthcare innovation


· Two new dormitory buildings enabling student housing on campus


· 2,000 students from all over the world studying at the Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS), making it the largest institution in Israel to offer full degrees in English for foreign students


The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya will open its new academic school year on October 14th. Approximately 7,000 first and second degree students will begin their studies within the ten schools on campus. Of these, 2800 new students begin their studies with orientation week beginning October 7. This year marks the 25th year anniversary of the establishment of IDC Herzliya.


Unprecedented demand for entrepreneurship studies:


The number of students starting their undergraduate degrees in Entrepreneurship doubled this year from 155 to over 300. Some 1,200 applicants applied for the admission and screening processes, which focused on identifying entrepreneurial capabilities and virtues. This is the second class to begin their undergraduate's degrees in entrepreneurship, following the launch of IDC Herzliya's Adelson School of Entrepreneurship last year. IDC is the first in Israel to offer an undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship - combined with computer science or business administration. Entrepreneurship studies have been taking place at IDC since the launch of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program 17 years ago. Today, IDC Herzliya is one of the leading academic institutions in the field of entrepreneurship in the world.


The high demand in the program necessitated an increase in attendance spots, as well as the opening of additional programs in English, as part of the Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS) at IDC: undergraduate in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration and Entrepreneurship and Computer Science.


As part of IDC's growing interest in the field of Data Science, another new program will open this year: undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and economics - focusing on Fintech, Data, and working in an environment full of innovative technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile, and others. The students will work with high-tech start-ups in the financial sector and will receive programming and analysis tools, providing them with hands-on experience while integrating them into the labor market and helping them to gain useful entrepreneurial knowledge for independent projects and within organizations. The program will also be taught through the RRIS in English.


For the first time in Israel - MBA in Healthcare Innovation, in cooperation with Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer):


Senior physicians, department heads, researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the fields of health and medicine will begin their MBA studies in management, innovation, and entrepreneurship in healthcare, the first of its kind in Israel. The program is led by Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center, Prof. Varda Liberman of IDC Herzliya, and Dr. Nathalie Bloch, Head of the Innovation Center at Sheba.


The program aims to prepare future leaders in this field to develop solutions addressing significant changes in the technological, scientific, pharmaceutical, digital, and policy arenas of this subject. It will also address the growing global need for emergency and disaster management – an increasing international necessity. It will include practical experience and emphasize innovative thinking and entrepreneurship within the existing system. The program is taught in English and is intended for students from Israel and around the world who aspire to manage and lead innovation and entrepreneurship in of the realm of health care - hospitals, biomedicine, pharmacology, high-tech, research, as well as for industrial entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, and health consultants.


Undergraduate degree in Business Administration with specialization in Business & Data Analytics:


A new program opening this year is an undergraduate program in Business Administration with a specialization in Business & Data Analytics, led by Dr. Eran Sheriff. The program is designed to train students with high-level management skills in the business world with a focus on data, analysis, forecasts, and decision-making. The program integrates familiar management studies with advanced management tools from the fields of computer science, software engineering, and data science.


New dormitories for students:


Since its establishment, IDC has provided housing solutions to students from abroad through rented apartments in the city of Herzliya. This year brings a significant change with the inauguration of two new dormitory buildings, which include new housing units for 500 students. The buildings were constructed at the entrance of the campus, each is 13 floors tall, and they will house students from all over the world, alongside Israeli students.


The most international academic institution in Israel:


About 30% of the students at IDC will study for their first and second degrees in English through the RRIS. Some 2,000 students study at the RRIS, making IDC Herzliya the leading academic institution in Israel in the number of international students studying for full degrees in English. The students come to IDC from over 90 different countries, most of whom are Jews coming to Israel due to Zionistic motives. According to IDC data, about 70% of the students make aliyah by the end of their studies and stay in Israel to establish their futures. Many also serve in the IDF, and those who return to their countries of origin serve as unofficial "ambassadors" for the State of Israel.


Orientation week – new students begin a week before all students:


Orientation week is designed to make each student's entry into the academic world as smooth as possible. First-year students begin their studies on campus a week earlier than their upperclassmen. They spend this week meeting their future classmates, faculty, and staff and attending discussions and lectures about the structure of IDC's academic programs and campus services and facilities. Orientation week is organized and run by IDC faculty, guest lecturers, and upperclassmen, who serve as counselors. During this week, students are instructed in the use of the library, computer laboratories, and databases and also take part in volunteer activity.