​First joint international master’s program of its kind

01 November

Arison School of Business

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Monday, November 1 saw the opening event of the joint Master’s Degree in Management Analytics, a first-of-its-kind program at Reichman University’s Arison School of Business and the University of Mannheim Business School


The event began with introductions between the 24 students participating in the program, who came to the Reichman University campus from all over the world – India, China, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Cameroon and elsewhere. Later, the students gathered for the official opening ceremony, during which the president of Mannheim University delivered greetings via Zoom.


Speaking at the event, Prof. Niron Hashai, dean of the Arison School of Business, said, “This is a very significant moment in the history of the Arison School of Business. My wish for the program participants is that they take advantage of their time here in Israel and use the knowledge and abilities they will receive to make a positive change in this field, both in Israel and around the world.”


Prof. Rafi Melnick, provost and acting president of Reichman University, added, “This is a very exciting event, as it is the beginning of an extraordinary collaboration in the landscape of Israeli academia. I wish the program participants great success and I am confident that they will make a significant difference in this world in the future.”



This is the first joint business administration program between an Israeli university and a leading European university; its goal is to train the next generation of leaders of the digital transformation of companies and organizations. The program combines the best of both worlds – the Israeli “startup nation” with its emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and data, and Germany, a hub for large corporations that use data and data analysis to maintain a competitive edge in the market.


The program will feature internationally renowned lecturers and experts from Reichman and Mannheim Universities and will be taught entirely in English. The students will take one semester at Reichman University and one semester at the University of Mannheim. During the summer, students will work on a final project in companies in the industry.



Graduates of the program will receive a double M.A. degree from both academic institutions. The curriculum is rich, diverse and challenging and integrates content from the worlds of business administration, data and technology. Students will also experience personal development and cultural diversity, and will have the opportunity to see what it is like to work in a global reality.