MBA Program Students - NY Trip

21 November

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​Our students from the MBA programs have returned from an experiential and fascinating academic trip in New York

As part of the MBA programs at IDC, the students from all tracks (AI, Strategy & Business Development, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) took part in a business trip during October 2021 for a unique learning experience in NYC.


Students met entrepreneurs, executives and investors from various companies and different fields such as Pharmaceutical, startups, banks and more. The students participated in academic tours and were exposed to extensive knowledge, advanced technology and a lot of inspiration on how ideas and dreams can become a reality.




Among the meetings, the students met - Yishai Lehavi - CEO of TULU, whom they met in the lobby of a high-rise building where a service is operated that allows tenants to share various products. Tomer Magid - VP of partnerships at VENN , company that establish technology to create neighborhood communities to combat the sense of loneliness of residents in the big city.


George M. Logothetis CEO and founder of Libra Group. Adam Singolda founder of Taboola, Avner Mendelson CEO of Leumi USA ,Assaf Feldman - one of the founders of Riskified, who was successful in the IPO several months ago. Alon Elroi/Oded Porath - one of the founders of Bizzaboo - who developed solutions for holding physical conferences and became a leading player in the world of virtual and hybrid events.



Omar Goren, a student from the management program in the digital, said: "The tour was intense and inspiring and all thanks to Michal Olmert Neshtein and Shirley Brodecki Porat who planned and executed this amazing trip."


Mirel Vantzowski, student at the Global MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, said: " We had the opportunity to get to know the entrepreneurs behind these companies intimately, talk about their challenges, successes, the process they went through, and the unique way of each one of them, and it all happened in the heart of Manhattan.It was an empowering, instructive and inspiring week, with the group of amazing people studying with me, which among other things had the opportunity to get to know each other better".


Amit Moskovitz, Strategy and Business Development student said " outstanding experience that allows students to be part of an ongoing academic tour that we learned so much from. We got to learn from business leaders from various industries and this is a rare opportunity …"