Opening event for the fifth cohort of the Mentoring Program for alumni

11 March

Alumni Association

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This past January the Alumni Association held an opening event for the fifth cohort of the mentoring program for Reichman University alumni. Participating in the meeting were Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and founder of the Reichman University, Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, Yifat Oron, CEO and co-founder of LeumiTech that sponsors the program, and the 32 alumni-mentor pairs participating in the program.


Prof. Reichman addressed the participating alumni, stating that “part of our vision when establishing Reichman University was to create a community from within the Reichman University that would be powered by cooperation and good will – exactly as we see here today. This event is a cause for pride and excitement. We have created here a cycle that I hope you continue for many years to come. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me fulfill a belief and dream that others said cannot be achieved.”


Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, shared the importance the Alumni Association gives to the creation of platforms for the alumni to learn, meet up and be a part of the Reichman University community. “The Mentoring Program, whose fifth cohort we are launching this evening, is one of our flagship programs. Its participants are able to acquire new tools, meet new partners, share their experience and in general, encourage and promote solidarity in our community.”


Dr. Koll addressed the participating alumni and said, “I want to congratulate the mentees who have been paired today with a mentor that will be a great gift in their lives in the coming period. My wish for you is that you know to make the most of this gift and also that you someday pay it forward.”


Yifat Oron, CEO and co-founder of LeumiTech said at the event that “organizations in all industries are required, today more than ever, to create innovation. Everyone has to be an entrepreneur, each in their profession and position in the organization.”


The event included a lecture by Dr. Yael Elraz-Shapira, an organizational psychologist, who facilitates and leads development and personal consulting programs for managers, and guides the mentoring program. The lecture focused on ways to improve the quality of life and make the most of our personal potential specifically in times like these. According to Dr. Elraz-Shapira, “it isn’t to be taken for granted that at this late hour, while we’re in the throes of a terrible pandemic, you took the time for something “important” that helps develop and advance, and not the survivalist “urgent” that pulls at us.” The lecture opened with a discussion of “proactivity” and devoting energy to the circles in which we have influence. It moved on to talk about “positive psychology,” a new branch that deals with mental health and increasing the feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life in general and in particular in the work world.


The mentoring program is designed for all alumni of the Reichman University. It focuses on guidance, empowerment and individual development of the alumni. The fifth cohort started in December 2020 and will span approximately six months. The 32 participating pairs were carefully selected in a process of recruitment and matching up of alumni and mentors. In the course of the program the selected alumni will benefit from personal guidance and mentoring by senior and professionally experienced alumni who will mentor them voluntarily. The program aims to guide and assist the mentees make the most of themselves and to choose the paths that are right for them in all aspects of life.


The program was established by two alumni – Nir Aharon and Netzer Neve. It is currently led by three directors: Nitzan-Or Kedrai, Revital Nevii Goldoft and Keren Lavi, and three lead mentors: Adv. Efrat Klipper Dugma, Guy Elias and Yaron Cherny, together with a team of volunteers who are all alumni of the Reichman University.