Parents Gathering at Arison School of Business

13 March

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On Thursday March 3,2022 Arison School of Business held a gathering for the parents of students in the first and second year of all our tracks.

Our Dean, Prof. Niron Hashai, presented the skills required from managers in 2025 - in the High-Tech sector and elsewhere, and how we implement this vision through the unique programs of the Arison School of Business, the honors Program, the Arison Mentoring program, the Arison School Clubs, the practicum, our virtual reality capabilities, and the practical courses. Prof. Hashai emphasized the focus on granting students analytical skills to collect, process and present data, side by side to soft skills of leadership and team work.

In addition, In TED-style lectures, we presented peeks into the content we teach to the parents. Prof. Shimon Kogan talked about how financial technologies (Fintech) such as Blockchain will allow distributed trade in digital currencies that will be the next revolution in finance. Prof. Ron Shachar explained why in a world where robots replace more and more managerial tasks, social intelligence is a key skill for those wishing to excel in management.

Thanks to the parents who came, the students who chose to join them, the faculty members and administrative staff of the school who came- we will definitely do this again in the future!